Tuesday, April 08, 2008

This n' That

I didn't post a Menu Monday again this week. Sometimes I'm too busy livin' it to blog about it, and yesterday was one of those days! I finally caught a few moments to sit down and blog. We wrapped up school awhile ago and the roast is almost ready. There, now you know what we're having for dinner. :)

Once again I've got a mishmash of thoughts running through my head, so here's a peek at a few of them...

We had a wonderful meeting on Friday with the precious couple who runs the orphanage in Africa where our soon-to-be daughter is. I cannot tell you how profound it was to listen to them speak about their ministry and see the video (less than one day old-- I love technology!) of the new baby home they have just completed. It is amazing! We got to see where we will be staying when we go. (There are guest quarters on the second floor of the baby home.) There were four families there, one of whom had recently gotten their referral and one that was to see the picture for the first time yesterday. We caught a vision of the amazing work that God is doing over there, we prayed and cried together. It was a wonderful time. I got that tingly feeling in the pit of my stomach that I always get when I can tell God is up to something BIG. He is so, so good. (You may have noticed that I'm not being as specific about our child's birth country in my posts any more... After a couple of sticky situations for other families due to TMI in blog posts, I'm a bit leery of posting too many specifics for now... If you're just now reading and have any questions, feel free to email me!)

We decided last week that our sweet daughter will be returning to China again next month, all by herself once more. This time it will only be for 13 days, not 5+ weeks! Whew! I knew after her first trip to Africa that this was her "bent." But it's hard to think about sending her so far away. Without me, that is. :) She will be traveling with our wonderful college team from our church, and their precious college pastor who also is the campus pastor at one of our church's campuses. I love, love, LOVE him and his wife, and so many of the students on the team. She traveled with them when she went two summers ago and although she was only 12 they acted like she was one of them. When we traveled with them last summer I saw what neat friendships she had made. She will be staying with our dear missionary friends while she's there, and working among a people and in a country she has come to love. I know she'll be in good hands. Most of all, she'll be in the hands of her Heavenly Father who loves her more than I do! She'll be gone from May 17th through the 31st. Will you please be in prayer for her? And for her mother?


I came across this story last week on John Piper's blog. It is absolutely amazing.

I am praying for this family who is in Africa bringing home their boy/girl twins. My husband came across this blog and it sounds like she is having some health issues, and it sounds like this has been quite a journey for them!


Yesterday we spent most of the afternoon dealing with a wasp in the house. Usually we just swat them and deal with them, but this one was w-a-a-ay up high in an art niche/window. He just wouldn't come down and we couldn't get on with school while he was just up there... lurking... waiting... So, we pelted the area first with rubber bands from a rubber band gun, then rolled up socks, then a couple of hacky sacks. Finally it flew down and, well, met its end. My kids have named it Hector ,Jr. But now my sweet husband has to get the TALL ladder and get up there and retrieve all of the debris. There. That story was for anyone who has the impression that we have an orderly and efficient household.


Speaking of chaos, my daughter and I are addicted to Jon and Kate + 8. It is a Discovery Health channel show about a family with a set of twins and a set of sextuplets. Anytime my life seems out of control I just watch that show! What an inspiration they are! I found their family's website and found out that they are believers with a wonderful testimony.


I came across this story about the "praying dog."

Perhaps I should let CNN know that I've got a dog who reads the Bible! I walked into the family room one morning a couple of weeks ago and this is what I saw:

His expression is saying, "ExCUSE me... you're interrupting my quiet time. And,by the way, have you seen my highlighter?"


Did you see this last week on American Idol? (I know you see D*olly P*arton, but just click it and there's a cool story before she sings.) Oh my WORD:

We've never watched ::voteforJason:: AI until this year. :::voteforJason::: We probably won't watch it again, but we have a special reason for watching it this season. :::voteforJason:::

I can't wait to see Idol Gives Back tomorrow night! It looks like it is truly doing some good!


Well, there's my mishmash. I hope your week has gotten off to a great start!


Susanne said...

Oh my, what to comment on?!

1. How cool for your girl. I thought I had a hard time letting my girl go six hours away for 3 weeks. Sheesh.

2. The thing with the wasp? I would have called an immediate field trip to anywhere out of the house, never mind threw things at it.

3. That picture of your dog cracks me right up! That is too funny that you actually found him like that. Love it.

4. How neat is that that you got to meet the couple who runs the orphanage. So exciting for your family.

Linda said...

It's so good to catch up with you Cyndi. I am so excited about all your news. It sounds as though the Lord is moving everything right along.
I will be so happy to pray for your sweet girl. She has such a beautiful servant heart.
We have never watched American Idol. Am I guessing right - you know one of the contestants?
I had to smile about the wasp. My M.O. is to grab a can of Raid and start shooting in the general direction and then running as fast as I can in the opposite direction. It actually works fairly well most of the time:-)
My son gave us some news this weekend that I wanted to run by you. I'll email you as soon as I have a bit more time.
It is always a joy to spend a little bit of time with you. You are very special to me!

Linda said...

Oh - I forgot - I love the picture of your little dog. I am a great believer in how very intelligent dogs are - and this one is amazing!! Spiritual too!!

Susanne said...

Oh and I also forgot. If us Canadians could vote I'd be voting for Jason! I love his style. I'd buy his CD. And I love what he said on the AI website what his goals in life were: "To be a loving father, a faithful husband and a servant of all". He sounds like a pretty grounded young man.

Anonymous said...

Awesome This n That post! I don't know where to start! OK -- I didn't know Jon and Kate had a website. And I didn't know they were believers, either....Love the dog picture....I would be a little anxious if one of my babies moved to China without me, no matter how long they were going to be gone....great to read about the adoption progress....and, finally, I had totally missed the story about the man and the mugger -- very touching and convicting at the same time. It reminded me of the elderly woman and her mugger. Have you read that story? I think there's a youtube.

Jill said...

What a great picture from Friday! Would you mind e-mailing the group one and ours if you get a chance? For some strange reason, I can't find your e-mail address :(

I LOVE Jon&Kate+8, too! I got hooked on it last spring and it always makes my "busy-ness" seem quite calm!

Have a great week!

Dianne said...

What an incredible experience for your daughter. And I love the dog picture!

Jessie's parents said...

What a great post!! I went from tearing up, thinking about your precious little girl to laughing my head off about your AI comments! Love it. And tonight, I was blown away by the closing song on Idol Gives Back...Shout to the Lord!! Yes, indeed. Even your wee little dog knows it! :)

Mindy said...

That is a lot of stuff going on!
I love that you got to meet the poeple who run the orphanage. That is awesome!
Glad to catch up with you some.
In HIM -

The Lloyd Family said...

Yeah .... when I saw that part of AI I thought of your family and prayed right then and there for your daughter .... wherever she is.