Monday, November 24, 2008

Maybe We've Been Missing Something

"Oh, wait! Stop!!"

I think I startled him.

My 10 year old Ethiopian son jolted a bit, his hands poised holding the mustard over the sandwich he was making. The peanut butter sandwich he was making. (Or "sandoosh" as he pronounces it. Yes, I know what it sounds like.)


"Um, you're going to put mustard on a peanut butter sandwich?"

"Minte lahve mahstard."

"I don't think it's going to taste good with peanut butter, though."

"Check." (A new word he learned in math last week.)

So, he proceeded to squirt mustard over both peanut butter sandwiches he had carefully crafted for himself. I winced as he placed the top piece of bread over each, and watched with interest as he took his first bite. I wondered if he would make a face and say, "No... no Minte," his usual response to food that doesn't taste the way he thought it would.

Instead, his face broke into a big grin and he exclaimed, "S'goood! Minte lahves zees!"

As you can see, he "beeg-lahves" his new creation. And nothing beautifully blends the colors of autumn like peanut butter and mustard on wheat! Move over PB & J, and make room for PB & M!

Who knows? Maybe we've been missing something all of these years!

Here's what we'll be having for dinner this week:

Monday: Coca Cola Pork Chops, steamed veggies, rice
Tuesday: Pumpkin Chili, cornbread
Wednesday: leftovers
Thursday: Happy Thanksgiving!!!! We'll be eating TWO big meals, one at each of our mothers' houses. Yummo!
Friday: Turkey Divan Croissants

For more recipes, or to share your own, visit Laura at Org Junkie. I hope you have a wonderful, set-apart week of thankfulness and time with those you love!


Mindy said...

Maybe we are all missing something.....but we will probably be too timid to try it won't we?

Although, I am impressed he was willing to. Just getting my children to taste their veggies is hard enough!
Hope you all have a very happy thanksgiving!

Vickie said...

I bet you can hear my stomach turning from your house. ;)

Cyndi said...

LOL, Vickie I was wondering what that sound was! (And I hope you're referring to the PB&M's and not my menu... ;)

Minimalist Mommy said...

how interesting, pumpkin chilli. I have 20 cups of pureed pumpkin in the freezer. This will be added to the try list. Thanks for sharing

Vickie said...

Yes, it was definitely the PB&Ms that did it to me!

Speaking of your menu .... I made your Crock Pot French Dip Sandwiches last week and they were a BIG HIT. I had enough meat left over that we had enchiladas the next night. YUMMY!

GinSpaghetti said...

Cyndi, I've been stalking your blog but you should know that my great grandmother used to make peanut butter and mayonaise (I also use Miracle Whip sometimes and it's equally as good!) sandwiches and they are delicious! Tell Minte I may have to try his version of PB&M! Most people cringe at my combo but it's so yummy! I can certainly appreciate Minte's version :)

Susanne said...

He is so cute! He looks so happy eating that sandwich that it makes me want to try one. Well, maybe later. :) He looks so happy! I know you're enjoying him.

DeeDee said...

just the thought of the two combination makes my mouth pucker...but at least your son liked his creation.

I am a grandmother waiting on the paper pregnancy of our oldest daughter and their little girl from Etheipoia next summer! And I getexcited every time I read your posts....

Joy, DeeDee

gracie said...

You know what, I think mustard on peanut butter might be delicious. :) In different parts of Asia and Africa, there are various types of spicy peanut stews.

I've never had to make or eat coca cola chops, though, but it sounds good.