Monday, January 19, 2009

Menu Monday and Giving Mom a Cookie

Hello to anyone who still comes by! I know I've not been posting much "new" in awhile... I didn't announce a "blog break" or anything like that, because that implies that I have "readers" which feels a bit strange to me for some reason. But, I've taken a week or so away from the computer except to reply to pressing email or send brief encouragements on Facebook. I do that periodically when I really need to devote time to pray about something, and also just to check the computer's "place" in my life. So, that's where I've been.

I feel like I've been so scattered lately! I remember reading in Martha Peace's book, Becoming a Titus 2 Woman, a simple statement included in a list on p. 117 of Practical Tips on How to Be Organized:

"With the exception of beginning a load of laundry, completely finish one task before you go on to another."

It's a simple statement, really, and not all that earth shattering or groundbreaking. But it's been rattling around in my head in recent weeks because for some reason I canNOT do that lately! It's been a bit like If You Give a Mouse a Cookie: Mom Edition. I start one thing, and that makes me think of this other thing. On my way to the other thing, I remember a third thing. Meanwhile the first thing is sitting half done. Then a child comes to ask me a question or the phone rings, and I completely forget what I was on my way to do. And on and on it goes. Ack!! So, that's what I'm working on right now. It sounds simple, even perhaps ADD-ish, but that's what happens when I've got a lot on my mind. I started to do an entire If You Give A Mom A Cookie post, but I Googled it and it's been done. (Alot!)

And then I got busy doing something else.

Before I go on to this week's menu, which I would've completely forgotten to post, except for the fact that I already inserted the graphic below (See?? Don't give me a cookie!) , I will share a couple of things we had last week that were yummy. (Or, as Minte says, "yahmmy." I love having an African accent in the house!) One was a Chicken Dijon recipe out of my Cooking with 4 Ingredients book... super easy with a mixture of lowfat mayo, dijon mustard and then dredging each piece in breadcrumbs. Everyone "beeg lahved" it! Also, we enjoyed this Broccoli Cheese Soup recipe which I got off of the American Heart Association website. Very healthy and so good! I still make soup just about every Friday.

And speaking of Friday, this Friday my cute husband leaves for Ethiopia. Which could start me on a whole other post (cookie alert!) but I'll wait and do that later in the week.

Oh, and last week I made a yellow cake with this awesome chocolate sauce. Which I'm pretty sure is not approved by the American Heart Association. So, it all averages out.

On with this week's menu:

Monday: creamed beef, biscuits, macaroni and peas
Tuesday: Slow Cooker Red Beans and Rice
Wednesday: Chicken Tamale Casserole, black beans, salad
Thursday: leftovers/ YOYO (You're On You're Own)
Friday: Probably out

For more menus and awesome organization tips, visit Laura at OrgJunkie.

Now... what was I doing?...


Linda said...

It's so good to hear from you again Cyndi. I think I suffer from the same affliction. For instance, I was just going to put up a quick post and check a few blogs. I have laundry waiting, piano lessons to do, a couple of phone calls to make - all on my well-thought-out schedule for this afternoon. And here I am already running way, way behind because I got too involved. Yikes!
I will be interested in any help you can offer :-)

Tricia said...

Oooo, thanks for the tamale casserole recipe! I love those things and can't wait to make this!

Alycia said...

Hi Cyndi! I always enjoy your posts, and can completely relate to this one. I've really been contemplating my blog...whether I wish to continue or not. I enjoy it, but really have no time for it and I often feel pressure to keep up posts or replies (even if only self perceived pressure!) I just don't know...I like my blog but I think my season may be coming to a close??

But, I want you to know that I am always so blessed by my visits here on your blog and the quotes and Bible verses and stories you often share. I pray you are all doing well.

Kristi said...

Oh, believe me I totally understand. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with all that needs to be done that I cannot get anything done! I am glad things seem to be going so well with your new son!

LeftCoastOnlooker said...

Hey, I read, I just haven't commented in ages -- maybe months ago, maybe a year ago -- I read on bloglines & you have great posts!
I read!