Monday, September 21, 2009

A Movie Worth Seeing

Our family saw this over the weekend. It was incredible. Great for the whole family!


Walk by Faith not by Sight said...

Der Cyndi,

My name is Brooke and my husband and I were at the Race Matters seminar and were so encouraged by your story. I told you about the boy who had been with us for 8 months and who we ended up losing in court to his aunt who had given us custody of him. I have a favor. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind spreading the word to pray for Christian, our son we lost through your blog community. The more people that pray for him, the more I feel I am caring for him. My story is on my blog. Please also pray for my husband and I as we begin the process to adopt again, even though our hearts are aching. WE are comforted by our Savior Christ and clinging to Him in this time.
Because He Lives,

Debbie B said...

My friend produced it! So glad you enjoyed it.

Was great to hear and see your story this weekend.

Kelly said...

We are planning to see it this weekend:)