Wednesday, April 05, 2006

My "Not-So-Quiet" Time

If you're a Christian, or have grown up in the evangelical church as I have, you've probably been introduced to the idea of having a "quiet time," a time where you spend time reading your Bible, praying, and seeking God's direction. Basically, it's a time to withdraw and spend time with your Heavenly Father. For those who want to grow in their faith, that time is precious and invaluable. I have found that my spiritual life is only as strong as my quiet time. I was taught as a middle-schooler that the best time to have a quiet time is in the morning. Though during high school, college, and early adulthood, some of my best times in the Word and in prayer were at night, I've settled back into early morning quiet times as a stay-at-home mom. Over the years I've changed what I've done during my quiet times, ranging from reading a daily devotional book each morning, to working on my Bible Study Fellowship lessons (during my BSF years), going through a daily "through-the-Bible-in-a year" Bible (the John MacArthur one is my favorite), going through Beth Moore Bible studies with my own audio cd's, or simply making my own prayer journal and doing my own readings in whatever part of the Bible I find myself. A few months ago, I added something new to my quiet time- my ipod! My sweet husband got me one for our anniversary at Christmastime, and I immediately put in all of my favorite praise and worship cd's, hymns, as well as some of my African and Chinese worship music. If you are having trouble "getting started" in the mornings, let me suggest putting on your headphones! While the rest of the house is quietly snoozing in the early pre-dawn hour, I'm down in the kitchen pouring my coffee and "entering His courts with praise." When I turn on my music I am immediately ushered into His presence. That may sound corny, but music has always had that effect on me. As I read through the life of David, especially in the Psalms, I see that I'm in good company in this area. Some mornings I just listen to a couple of praise songs with hands raised (something I've yet to do in church!), some mornings I'm dancing around the island in the kitchen to some African praise music (now, there's a visual!), or some mornings find me on my knees lifting up old, beloved hymns. What blessed times! Recently I had my headphones on, the sun was coming up, and I was listening to "Great is Thy Faithfulness." There was clutter surrounding me from the day before, a pile of dishes to do, and a long day ahead, but something about viewing it while hearing, "All I have needed Thy hand hath provided..." put it all in perspective. Listening to music isn't the entire focus of my time with God in the mornings, but so often it effectively and powerfully prepares the soil of my heart for the seeds of His Word. Quiet times don't have to be quiet the entire time!

"Make a joyful noise!"


Bethany said...

Nice ipod! lol.

92bDad said...

It is great to see you here on the more parent friendly blogspot.

As a reference here is my own parent site...

I hope to encourage and in turn to see a few more dad's joining in.

Feel free to pass the word and by the way, many thanks for your wonderful to Patrick and Mary in France!!!