Thursday, March 06, 2008

To The Praise of the Glory of His Grace

"Adoption is greater than the universe... It was there before the universe and it is above the universe and it is the purpose of the universe." John Piper gets all of this, of course, straight from God's word, from Ephesians 1 in particular.

This message was on John Piper's blog yesterday. I encourage you to take the next 5 minutes and 9 seconds to watch his message below.

In his message Piper says, "When God was thinking about how to create a universe, what was centrally driving Him was 'How can I create a universe in which My grace would be put on display most beautifully?'... His answer was, 'I will predestine people for adoption.' ... God planned from eternity to fold sinners like us into His everlasting family of joy." Oh! Doesn't that make you praise the glory of His grace? That He would fold a sinner like me into His family... it's unthinkable! It's amazing. What joy, indeed!

A few months ago I read these piercing words: "You are God's plan for the orphan."

According to James 1:27, all Christians are His plan for orphans- those who don't have a Mom and a Dad or a physical "forever family." By His grace we are also part of His plan for those who don't yet have a relationship with a Heavenly Father and are not yet part of His "everlasting family of joy."

What part will you play in His plan?


Jill said...

Oh, thank you, thank you for posting this! I needed this today. As I finished up a tough adoption read, I have walked around in turmoil over all of the "if's, and's and but's" that I read about. Silly, because I've already gone through it once but still real. This video was JUST what my spirit needed. Encouragement. Affirmation (again!). And Grace - to get through all of the "if's, and's and but's" that might happen on this journey.

Kim said...

Thanks for this...wonderful words of encouragement....

Jessie's parents said...

Piper has an amazing way of voicing the word of God and cutting right to the chase. I cried as I listend to him speak of how God folds us into His family because I have seen first hand how he folded Jessie into our family and I pray that I will never be the same because of it.