Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Coming HOME!

(from Cyndi...)

One Day More!

I’m so sorry I haven’t been able to send any updates since the weekend. We are keeping quite a busy schedule, but internet is also “iffy” so whenever we would have a few spare minutes, the computer wouldn’t connect. We have had a wonderful past few days… and it’s just one more day until we are HOME!

Yesterday Minte woke up first thing and exclaimed, “Mommy! Negah! (Tomorrow) Plane!” He is SO excited about coming to Texas, he chose some clothes to wear on the plane and set them aside before he dressed for the day yesterday. Of course, today he woke up and realized it was TODAY that we are leaving and he is dressed and ready to go! While I am typing this Luke is upstairs packing… we don’t depart until 10:00 PM Ethiopia time tonight. After we pack we are touring some of the Bright Hope ministries and Luke is having one final meeting with Getahun at his office.

Let’s see… what we’ve been up to… Saturday Luke spent the morning with Getahun while Tegist, the kids and I found this REALLY fun mall. Any thoughts I had of Chuck E. Cheese overwhelming him went right out the window, because we played at a place there that put’s Chuck to shame! The kids had a blast playing games, driving bumper cars, crawling through tunnels and sliding down huge slides. It was so fun to watch the boys laugh and play together! Then we met Luke and Getahun at a wonderful Italian restaurant (Minte has had spaghetti every. Single. Day.) and while we were there it absolutely POURED down rain. We could hardly hear ourselves talk over the rain. We were so glad for their 4WD vehicles to navigate the flooded streets back to the guest house. We had dinner at the guest house with the other families, whom we have really enjoyed getting to know. There are three other families here with their newly- adopted kiddoes and we have really formed a bond!

Sunday we had a leisurely morning over breakfast and then went to the afternoon/evening church services at one of their churches. It was all in Amharic, but it was such a worshipful experience and it was awesome to be in church with Minte. He really enjoyed the music and knew all of the songs. He “amen’ed” and “hallelujah’ed” along with everyone else and clearly enjoyed the message. Two guest preachers preached, so Getahun came down off the stage and translated for Luke and me. So, I “amened” and took notes on the translation! There were two services back-to-back, and we enjoyed them very much. We enjoyed a wonderful meal at Tegist and Getahun’s home afterward.

Yesterday after a trip out to Bantu to tour the school (a highlight of this trip… going to a village) we had the opportunity to meet with one of Minte’s relatives. It was very, very moving. In fact, I will share that I had not cried once during this trip (I know! I can’t believe it either!) but after our meeting with her, I absolutely LOST IT. It is Minte’s story to share, but I will tell you that it breaks my heart. She gave us some pictures of when he was little, which are now some of our most prized possessions. He was (of course) absolutely adorable, and I LOVE that I get to see what he looked like as a preschooler! Minte has lingered over the photos a few times, smiling. Someday hopefully he can tell me what he’s thinking. As we were leaving the meeting, he shared with us (through Tegist) that someday he wants to be a pastor like Getahun and help “neglected children” (his words). He also wants to be a singer, he says. So, there we were driving home from that emotional meeting, I was boo-hooing with my face to the window and he was singing a sweet song next to me. He’s been through so much and he still has a song in his heart and a smile on his face. God clearly has a great plan for this special young man. He is so precious, I can’t wait for you to meet him!!!

Yesterday was our shopping day, which is not always my favorite part. I don’t like the “haggling!” But, we got a few things to remind us of our special time here. I was also able to buy some things to give Minte each year for his birthday until he’s 21, to remind him of his homeland. (Speaking of birthdays, we found out his birthday is different than we were originally told… it’s Oct. 2nd…) Last night we went to a wonderful “cultural” restaurant with Tegist and Getahun and enjoyed REAL Ethiopian food (no spaghetti this time!) and enjoyed music and watching dancers representing the different people groups. As the music started, Minte got up and grabbed a seat as close to the dancers as he could. He loved it! We all enjoyed experiencing the food, coffee and music one last time.

Today we have been zipping up the bags and getting ready to head home. Yesterday we felt like we weren’t ready to leave (except Minte, who has been ready since the day after we met!) but today we are ready to get back and see everyone. We have missed you all! Minte is so excited to see some of the friends that were in his video. He just knows that when he gets off the plane everyone will be standing there waving, like on the video! We have an inflatable globe and a small plane and we’ve shown him that we’re flying to Sudan, then Germany, then Texas. He says, “Negah (tomorrow) plane to German. THEN, negah, plane to TEXAS!” with a HUGE smile on his face!

You will see his huge smile soon! We love you all!!


Chris @ Come to the Table said...

This is so exciting! I can't wait to see him in Texas.

Deidre said...

How exciting to read all the updates. I love that Minte wants to preach and help 'neglected children'. There is absolutely no telling how God will use his precious life for His glory!

Praying for safe travels for you all!

Kim said...

I am so happy for you all...he is a beautiful boy!