Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday's Menu and Some Food for Thought

Happy Monday! And happy fall! I don't know about where you live, but here the temps are getting a bit cooler and there is a hint of "crisp" in the air in the mornings. I just love it!

Here is a picture of Luke and Minte on one of the rides this weekend at our church's Fall Festival. We had a great time! It wasn't Minte's first time to see rides like that, since we went to our state fair a few weeks ago, but we discovered that we have a roller-coaster/ ride-lover on our hands! In between chatting with friends and snapping pictures, we enjoyed BBQ, corny dogs and funnel cakes. Yummo!

This is one of those weeks where we have something almost every night of the week. I really try for our schedule not to be that way, and most weeks it's not... but sometimes it's unavoidable. So, this week it's simple dinners I can quickly throw together so we can at least sit down before we blast off to our destinations. Somehow if we at least pause around the table, even if it's to eat a sandwich, our day doesn't seem so hectic.

So, here's what we've got cookin':

Monday: Kashi pizzas (love those!), caesar salad
Tuesday: chicken spaghetti, green beans, bread
Wednesday: leftovers or YOYO (you're on your own)
Thursday: Crock Pot stew and cornbread
Friday: cook out at our Family Bible Fellowship harvest party

For more menus, or to share yours, stop on by Thanks, Laura, for hosting us each week! I get so many ideas from reading other menus!


And now that I've share what we're eating around here this week, I'll share what I pondered in the past few days as I did my weekend chores. These are links that friends sent me or that I came across and I found thought-provoking... A little "food for thought" to add to my Monday Menu. Maybe you'll find them interesting, too!
  • Raising Pharisees This was on Pulpit Magazine's site about a year ago and it really made me think. I came across the hard copy that I had printed recently, and I read it again because I think it's something we should guard against, as Christian parents.


Mindy said...

Your church must be pretty big to have such an awesome carnival....=)
Also - I don't have time now but I will be back to read your links!

Linda said...

It always makes me happy to see that you have a post up. I am just thoroughly enjoying watching Minte's heart being knit together with the hearts of you and your family. God is doing a miraculous thing.
Blessings on your busy week Cyndi.

Daisy said...

Got to read you links. I especially liked the first two in particular in light of the kind of year it's been for our family - a challenging but great year of examining our Christianity and returning to the essence of the gospel of grace and truth. God has mercifully been renewing our thinking, freeing us from our own "performance" and "religion" into the freedom of living in His amazing love and grace! It's been a hard but good year of healing for my family since I emailed/shared with you our situation (a year ago now!), if you recall. It's been a great joy to witness God's love and grace in and through your family, especially with the addition of your beautiful son, Minte! Such a testimony! Thanks, Cyndi, for sharing your joys and being so real!

ps Noticed what you're current reading; we're going through Grace Based Parenting, too. It's been a wonderful addition so far to our paradigm shift to...well, exactly that - grace-based parenting! :-)