Monday, April 06, 2009

Busy But Blessed

Happy Monday!

It was a busy, busy weekend for us. I'm not exaggerating when I say that every single category of our family's life had an event this weekend. It was all fun, but I am exhausted (mainly mentally!) from all of it. We are so blessed to have some wonderful activities in our lives, but it seemed like it all happened on one weekend! And as busy as we were, we still had to miss two events because they coincided. It was a lot!

Friday night was our daughter's prom. We are so blessed to have a Christian Homeschool Prom each year in our area. I had no idea it would be such a lovely event! Luke and I went downtown on Thursday evening to help set up, and the moment we walked into the hotel, it took my breath away. I cannot even describe the magnitude of the decorations, and how "top notch" it all was. I was astounded. She looked beautiful and went with a precious group of girls... They had an amazing time. She texted me at about 2:something AM that prom was "awesome" and that they were headed to IHOP. She'd text me again to come get her. So, at 3:something I headed out to bring her home so we could start our busy Saturday in just a few hours. It was worth it, and I'm SO glad she, her friends (and the approximately 900 kids who attended the event) had a wonderful time.

Saturday morning began with soccer. Luke is now coaching Minte's team, and this season my nephew is playing as well. Minte LOVES his cousin, and is very excited that they are on the same team, not to mention that his Dad is coaching. They won their game on Saturday, and it's should be a great season. Go Eagles!!

After that, we just had the MOST fun!! All of the families who have adopted from Ethiopia so far from our agency got together. Minte and his best friend from the orphanage, Yeneneh, were united once again, and we finally got to meet the Seay family in person after corresponding in email and by phone for months. We felt like we already know them, and a little bit like we are now related! It really was a special reunion for the two older boys. All of us had an amazing time together loving on all the kids and swapping stories. D and A, our hosts-with-the-most, have written about the get-together on their blog and will post some great pictures this week I'm sure. I was too busy gabbing to bet many photos, so I can't wait to see them myself! Thanks D and A!!! Y'all are the best!! We love our Buckner friends/family! Brian summed it up on his comment on the photo on Facebook: "it's amazing how strangers can become friends and friends become family...this was an amazing day and worth every extra mile we drove..." I couldn't agree more, and we can't wait to see them again next time they come through.

Yesterday Luke and I hosted our final Awana Leader Appreciation Dinner. I say "final" because, after much prayer, we have decided to step down from our role as coordinators of our church's Awana club. We attend a rather large church, and our club attendance (including volunteers) is around 600 people, so it's no small job! It has been a difficult decision, but after 6 years in this role, we feel the Lord is "moving our cloud" and it's time to move to whatever else He has for us. (Or at least time to take a breath and pray about what that might be!) So, it was a bittersweet time with our precious friends and Awana leadership last night. We are very much looking forward to a bit of a break once Awana is over in about 3 weeks, and can't wait to see what God will do next in our marriage and ministry. He is so good!!

While that was going on, Kyle and Minte were at my nephew's birthday party, and our family's Easter get-together. They decided to do it this weekend as many of them will be out of town next weekend. I don't have any pictures yet, but apparently Minte had a great time at his first-ever Easter Egg hunt. I told my sister-in-law, "I haven't had it in me to tackle the whole 'a big bunny comes and hides eggs and how that does/does not tie in with the true Easter story', so explain that to Minte however you want. Thanks!" LOL He apparently enjoyed it and especially got a kick out of the annual grown-up knock down dragout Easter Egg hunt.

Now, on to focusing on the true meaning of Easter. I posted this photo last year of our Holy Week candles. They look similar this year:

We are be using Noel Piper's readings found here again this year as well. If you were to look closely under the ivy you would see our Advent wreath, and these are some of the candles we used at Christmas. I think that's quite symbolic. It was also thrifty, because I already had it all on hand! It's not too late to put together some candles and incorporate some scripture readings each evening to make this week leading up to Easter a more set-apart time in your home. I've posted some other links here. I'd love to know some of your ideas!

I haven't posted our menu the past couple of weeks, as fascinating as that always is I'm sure. :) One thing that I thought was so fun last week, the day after I had cooked Ethiopian food (which I've been trying to do each week), I asked Minte what he wanted for lunch that day. He looked at me with a smile and said, "My mah-zehr cooks Ethiopian food!!" Translation: "I want leftovers from last night!" I may not make it perfectly, but I know he loves it that I try. This week I'm making an African dish that's been one of our family's favorites for awhile, but more of a west African dish involving peanut butter ("ground nuts") and chicken. Very yah-mmy!

Here's what's cookin' this week:

Monday: Country Pasta with Mozzarella, roasted carrots, salad, garlic bread
Tuesday: African Chicken Treat, brown rice, peas
Wednesday: French Dip Sandwiches, sweet potato fries, salad
Thursday: Leftovers
Friday: Passover Seder meal with our Bible fellowship... for the potluck I'll be taking Ham & Cheese Bowties, spinach salad, and a yellow cake with chocolate sauce

For more menus, or to share what you've got cooking this week, visit Laura at OrgJunkie.

I hope you have a blessed, set apart week as we take time to celebrate our resurrected Lord and Savior!

"The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it"
John 1:5


kristinleighkelly said...

Bethany is just beautiful! Growing up so fast!

Jill said...

What a busy week! Sounds like lots of great memories and milestones. Have a fabulous week and Easter celebration!

Linda said...

Your weekend was definitely chock-full of wonderful things Cyndi.
Bethany looks absolutelys stunning. I'm so glad they had that wonderful prom. My Granddaughter is going to one back in Houston at the end of the month. It's so much fun to get all dressed up.
Love to you dear one.

Susanne said...

Your girl looks absolutely beautiful! And I love her dress!

Sounds like a busy but wonderful week!

Sandy said...

Cindy, it is always a joy to stop by and "visit" with you and catch up on what your busy family is doing.

Easter Week Blessings to you all,

Much Ado said...

Wow, you are busy! That get together sounds like it was great! What blessing - God's ways never cease to amaze me! :)