Saturday, November 28, 2009

When You Look At An Adopted Child, You're Looking At A Survivor

Two years ago on Thanksgiving Day, after the dishes were cleared, we filled out our initial application to adopt. A baby girl. Last year, there "she" sat at our Thanksgiving table, a just-turned-10 year old boy. Now he's 11, much bigger than the picture in my sidebar, and I simply can't imagine our life without him.

Recently I heard a speaker say "When you look at an adopted child, you're looking at a survivor."

By now you have probably either heard of the movie, The Blind Side, or hopefully have seen it. I could relate to so much of it. Especially this:

"You're changing his life, Sweetie."

"No, he's changing mine."

By God's grace, He protected my "blind side" and opened my eyes to what he had for our family. We have been forever changed. I've had so much for which to be thankful this weekend.


Daisy said...

In tears...again. Thank you for sharing your amazing journey.

Linda said...

We went to see the movie yesterday with my Mom and Dad Cyndi. It was wonderful!!
I know exactly what you mean. We do this thing called adoption and think perhaps we will be a blessing, and the Father sends back blessings we could not have fathomed through the precious children he births into our families.
We celebrated Lisa's 31st birthday this past Thanksgiving. She is more blessing than I can possibly say.

Jill said...

I have said many times that adoption taught me more about myself and God than I ever imagined and I am forever changed.

It blesses me to no end to see our little sweetie prance around the house and tell us that she is a princess. She has no idea. ;o)