Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Well, I'll be. I just checked and I haven't written a "Thankful Thursday" post since November 2007. I felt a bit "bloggy" this morning, realized it was Thursday, and it sprang to mind. But really? Over 2 years?

Not that I haven't had a lot going on in the past two years, or haven't been thankful! So much has changed... the whole landscape of our family has changed since that last "Thankful Thursday" post. Just weeks after posting that, we began our adoption process toward adopting a baby girl from Ethiopia. Now, 2+ years later, here "she" sits, an amazing 11 year old boy who's been home almost a year and a half. Amazing!!! So much for which to be thankful.

Here are my random, off-the-top-of-my-head Thursday Thanks today.

I am thankful...
  • For new fireplace logs. I know our gas bill will be through the roof (literally... through the chimney) but this new fireplace blesses my soul. I may burn it all summer long. Okay, maybe not.
  • For Ethiopia. How that country, its people, my son and our extended family there has forever changed me. Forever. Glory to God. My heart is there today and every single day. I can't believe I was just there again in November. I still thank God every day that He sent us again. I didn't even unpack my backpack from that trip until my daughter needed it a few weeks ago for China, because I didn't truly want to be home from there yet. ;) I saw and talked to an amazing Ethiopian woman yesterday. I look for Ethiopians everywhere I go! I will study the language, make the food, think about, read about, and emotionally reside there for the rest of my life. Thank you, Lord, for Ethiopia.
  • That the smell of Ethiopian food still lingers in our home this morning. I make it every week. My daughter shared with me that while she was in China recently she missed Ethiopian food! Usually we miss Tex Mex when we travel, now we miss Ethiopian. That is just cool.
  • That my husband looked at me yesterday morning at 5:something when we got up and told me I look so beautiful in the mornings. At 42, I really needed to hear that. What a dear man.
  • For the sleepy-faced, curly-haired African boy who just crept downstairs and hugged me good morning. For my two precious, amazing teenagers who are sleeping a few minutes extra upstairs. They all make it so fun to be a mom, and I remain so honored to get to be theirs.
  • For my little weenie dog who is curled up on the couch. My husband gave that precious dog to me 10 Valentine's Days ago, and he has been one of my favorite creatures on this earth since that day.
  • For the chores that await me today, the homeschooling that I get to plan and teach today... all of these tasks that make me feel needed and vital in the lives of each person in my home. What a privilege it is, and I'm thankful that God reminded me of that this morning, on a day when I can so easily begin to run out of steam!
  • I'm thankful you spent a few minutes of your busy day reading my blog. Every time I blog, I pray ahead for anyone who might come here and read my ramblings. If you are reading this, you've been prayed for! And I thanked God in advance for how He's going to work in your life.
What are you thankful for today? Share in the comments or link your post at Lynn's. Be blessed and be a blessing today!


Frances said...

I'm thankful for a sweet friend who reminds me to be thankful. I'm thankful she writes a wonderful blog that sometimes causes my eyes to water! I'm thankful for my sweet friend who connected me with the blog "Around the World and 2 Kids" so that I can enjoy the antics of a cute girl. And I'm thankful for so much more, but this comment is for you and what you've come to mean to me!

Denise said...

Great thankful post.

Lynn said...


I am blown aways by this post and your heart. I read every word with delight and I can't wait to meet you one day, face-to-face. You inspire me and fill me with love for a people I hardly know. THANK YOU.