Friday, January 15, 2010

Haitian Adoptive Families: We are Praying!

Those of you who read my blog who are also adoptive families know. You just know. You know the emotional ups and downs of adoption, the frustration over the lack of information, and the need to balance the acknowledgment of God's sovereignty over the whole situation with your need to be proactive. Some of you reading this are the precious ones who came alongside us in our journey to Minte, joining us on that roller coaster ride. Not only did you ride it, prayed us through it. Some of you reading this also walked through last week with our family as my daughter went on an adoption journey to China with another precious family... a journey that didn't turn out as planned. Blogs have a way of doing that... of weaving our lives together, of drawing us into one another's stories for a time. I know there are people who read my blog during our adoption and prayed our precious child HOME, who for one reason or another, don't stop by anymore. Believe me, that's okay, because we are not that fascinating. ;) God, in His providence, ordained that for a time people would know our story and be part of getting Minte to us, to be a part of how God "sets the lonely in families."

After our week last week, I thought my fearful mind had gone everywhere there was to go in adoption. I thought I'd read every scenario and made up every fearful situation there was to imagine. I fancied myself just that good a worrier.

Then the Haitian earthquake hit.

Can you imagine? Adoption, especially international ones, can take you places you never expected. You're dealing with foreign governments, family histories (yours and your child's), and life's most dire moments all begin to intersect. So, what if, in the midst of it, there's a disaster "of Biblical proportions?" What if, in the midst of the angst surrounding your prospective child's care, you had to worry that their orphanage might have collapsed on them, or wonder whether they or their caregivers were still alive? What if, in the midst of waiting for those elusive calls and emails containing precious shreds of information, there was such a disaster that all communications for any purposes were shut down?

No. I simply can't imagine.

That's the road many, many Haitian adoptive families are walking today. And I want to walk that road with them. There are so, so many things to pray for right now for the country of Haiti. The infrastructure, the hospitals, the relief organizations, the injured, those who were already sick, those who are trapped and still alive, missionaries... on and on. And I am praying for all of those.

But today on my blog I want to focus on on just one group, as God has ordained that I could identify with them in this way: the waiting adoptive families. Here are a few blogs I found. In the sidebars of those blogs are others. I encourage you to keep on clicking! There is an amazing network of blogs, each of a family and their story as they walk this unspeakably hard road that God ordained for such a time as this. When they started the paperwork and began this tumultuous ride, they had no way of knowing that one of the biggest disasters in Haiti's history would happen during it. But God did. And He also knew that some of us would want to come alongside them and pray.

If one of these blogs is yours, and you followed the trackback here, please, please know you are being prayed for. Your precious, amazing children are being prayed for. The adoption community is lifting you up. I know there are no words right now, but there are prayers.

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Tiffany said...

Oh, thank you so much for opening my eyes and heart for this situation. You know I had never thought of the adoptive families, and now here I sit with tears streaming over my cheeks and committing to pray. I have been praying for the people of Haiti, but now I feel more purposeful. Again thank you, and may you have a truly blessed day.

Lori said...

My heart breaks, I have no words, and sometimes no breath over it all. I praise God I can lift my hands and say God take this, you are Lord over it all. I am still praying for the family your daughter traveled with. I can not imagine, I know the emotions we as a family went through to bring my neice home. My brain can not fill it all in. Praise God he is all powerful.


Jodi Sue said...

Thank you for your post! I have been wondering what is happening with these kids and families! I will be visiting all of these blogs this evening when my little ones are in bed.
Thank you for sharing!!!
Waiting is hard enough - but when a natural disaster hits the wait is even more horrible!
Praying for these kids and families!