Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Not Feelin' It

You know, that "cleaning-and-organizing-are-so-addicting, one-project-fuels-the-next" feeling that supposedly comes from getting organized. I'm SO not there. I posted on my homeschool blog that we're taking a much-needed two week break from school so that we can work on the house. The two weeks is so that it won't be such a push, and so we can work at not-so-breakneck-speed. Also because my husband is taking off some days next week and I can work a bit on some things ahead of him, "clearing him a path" in a way. But, I'm not lovin' it! I look at the projects in front of me and think... yuck. I wish for one second I could have a little of what Laura (the "organizing junkie") and others like her have- something in me that thrives on organizing and cleaning, that gets a rush from creating order out of chaos. I really just want it... DONE.

Now, we're not total slobs, we do have systems in place. The kids dutifully do their chores each week and everything has a spot. But I am finding more and more... THINGS! Too much stuff! So, I'm sorting, prioritizing, donating, selling, labeling, thinking, and perhaps a little bit of procrastinating. Last week I told my husband, "I've been reading some really great books on organizing." His (ever-witty) reply was, "Does one of them say, 'Put this book DOWN?' " He knows me so well. I would rather read about it, talk about it, strategize for it, make lists of it, pray about it and sing "Kum Ba Ya" around it than actually, well, get to it!

So that's what I'm doing this week. Waiting for the mood to strike, working while I'm waiting. I hope it strikes soon!


Tricia said...

Boy I can sooo relate to this post. I to am a procrastanator when it comes to the big jobs. I posted about it today on my blog.
When dh came home from work yesterday I was literally surrounded by girls clothes. I had EVERY piece of their clothing on the floor in the living room. There were many piles I had sorted it into, but at the moment he came it it just looked like chaos!
His comment..."Well, when you finally decide to do it, you don't do it halfway, do you?"
He is so very funny! :o)

Laurel Wreath said...

Oh my goodness, I can so relate. It was not until I was under the wire (during Spring Break) did I push myself. And I have to say I WAS SORE! Now how outshape does that make me.

Anyways my house is finally clean, but I am sad to say that is only half the battle. Keeping it clean is a whole other story.

Good luck. =)

Susanne said...

Your hubby's comment to the book made me laugh. That is so funny! I find that getting rid of stuff really helps. I get so overwhelmed when there is just a bunch of stuff taking up every available space. Every once in a while I get really tough on myself and just start the "chuck", "donate", "pack away" boxes going and I do it fast and furious and get it out of the house before I can talk myself into hanging onto it for whatever reason.

Hope your inspiration comes!

JennaG said...

I feel your pain. I have got to get into the kid's closets and get them ready for spring. That is always such a chore! I hope you try that soup and like it. It works well in the crockpot too and would be an easy dinner on one of those days when you are being oh so productive!

Chris said...

You crack me up! We moved into this house 9 months ago and my storage room in the basement needs to be completley gone through. Between the moving and my several attempts to organize and five kids going through boxes for lost treasures, well let's just say I am looking at a week or two project that I know needs to be done.

Just know I am with you girl!

Darlene said...

Your husband's comment is hillarious! That's one thing that they definitely should put at the beginnning of the book. :)

Christine said...

That is so like me! The reading-and-not-necessarily-doing thing, I mean. This is a kick in the pants for me, thanks! We have work guests coming to stay next week for my hubby's job and I've got to get to work!

Linda said...

Actually I could have written this post. I am much more likely to discuss a thing to death rather than simply get it done. I'll tell you what - I'll pray you get "zapped" by the organizational bug and then you can pass it on to me. Do you think such a thing is contagious? Nah!!

Amberly said...

Um, when you're done with your house, why don't you come on over to mine? :-)

LeftCoastOnlooker said...

you crack me up!
I'm planning spring cleaning during spring break next week.
My students & I were talking about cleaning for Passover, & the removal of all dirt / leaven from the home for Passover. They told me about a teacher who was determined to do this last year & spent hours every day cleaning everything (on top of teaching & grading). She pulled her vacuum out of the closet after Easter & realized it was the one thing she didn't dump & clean. Well, the kids got a good laugh out of it.

Anonymous said...

Actually I was just thinking about doing a post about spring cleaning...but like you...I am just not feelin' it...the actual cleaning that is. BTW I wanted to thank you for the Burt's Bees post on Works for me...I finally stopped and picked one up this week...I think it was the raisen one...and I love it better than my lipstick!!! Thanks! Also...several posts back you mentioned something about going to church on Saturday...I think there are more than you know that do this. We go to church on Sat. and I am very saddened when I hear people getting nasty comments left on their blogs referring to us Sat. people as 'heathens'..I don't think anyone did this on yours, but I have run across it many times. I love going to church on Saturday...we have to drive an hour and 15 minutes to get to church so we actually make it a 'day trip' and do other stuff while we are in the 'big city'. It leaves Sunday as our very treasured...and much time...staying home and enjoying the comforts of our home and family. With that said....I love my lip stuff ;)

Linda said...

Hi Cyndi. I know I already commented, but I wanted to let you know I nominated you for a Thinking Blogger Award!
Have a great day!!

Jen and family said...

sounds like you have a lot to do
hope u get it all done
Jen at