Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Quiet Morning

It's an overcast, spring-y, Sunday morning. My alarm clock quietly clicked on at 6:15, and I quickly silenced it so as to not wake up my sweet husband who enjoys sleeping past 4:40 AM on weekends. Getting up that early is a Monday through Friday occurence for him. I slipped out of bed, tiptoed quietly to the master bath, freshened up my ponytail and slipped on yesterday's jeans which were waiting for me in the closet. I padded into the kitchen and poured a welcomed cup of Starbuck's French Roast, waiting for me thanks to the timer on my coffee maker. I glanced upstairs to make sure I saw signs of life in my daughter's room, and saw the faint glow of her bathroom light shining through the crack of her bedroom door. She is a typical teenager who loves her sleep, but she faithfully gets up early on Sunday mornings to be at the church by 7:00 AM to work in our church cafe, making espresso to the glory of God and earning money for her mission trip account. (We attend church on Saturday nights as a family.) I sat in our quiet living room, ready with my car keys and coffee. Those seem to be the two main ingredients necessary for the life of this mom some days!

I drove home from the church in the dark, listening to Travis Cottrell's beautiful rendition of Psalm 145 (Forevermore) and thinking of what a wonderful God we serve. What a privilege to be one of His children! Moments ago my husband and son left, fishing poles in hand, for some much-needed father-son time down at the lake.

So here I sit, in my quiet house, the strains of Psalm 145 still playing in my head and heart:

"One generation will commend Your works to another
They will speak of the splendor of Your majesty
They will tell of the tell of the power of Your awesome works
They will celebrate Your abundant goodness
And joyfully sing..."

Have I commended His works to my children enough this past week? Oh, I hope so. I will make more of an effort to do that in the coming week. God has been teaching me so much lately about His sufficiency. The Scripture that has been rolling around in my head the past couple of weeks is 2 Peter 1:3~

"His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of Him Who called us by His own glory and goodness."

That's what I want! A life of godliness! I somehow imagine a "godly" life as a someday-I'll-get-it sort of life. Once I learn enough or pray enough or serve enough or go through enough trials... it'll finally add up to "a life of godliness." A "life of godliness" seems like such a struggle most days, when I'm just trying to have a good attitude while homeschooling, answering phone calls, doing house chores, or serving in a ministry. I look at others who I imagine live a "life of godliness," but most of the time I don't see myself as one of those people. Of course, I wonder if those who truly live a godly life think to themselves, "I sure am living a godly life." Probably not.

What has struck me this past week as I have mulled that scripture over and over is that He has given us "everything we need." Has given us. It's not a yet-to-be-attained thing for those who are in Christ. The "knowledge of Him" in that passage refers to a saving knowledge through Jesus Christ. Why do I keep trying to add to it? His divine power has already given me everything I need for a life of godliness. If a life of godliness is what I truly want, then I have all I need in Him. The truth is that at times I want a life of godliness and a life of... comfort, thinness, attractiveness, intelligence, wellness, financial success, etc., etc... OR, at times I think that for my life of godliness I need God plus a prewritten Bible study, mission work, good works, etc... I'm always trying to add to either the life I want or the means to godliness. I wonder why that is? Something to continue to pray about.

It's a quiet morning in bloggy-ville, too. I love it, because I know that most of you are at church (I'm sure we "Saturday night attenders" are in the minority.) I am praying for you this morning as well, and all the services that are being held in His name at this very moment. God is doing a mighty work in this generation and in His church. If you are reading this, know that I prayed for you this morning. I prayed for all who might happen upon this blog today.

Have a blessed Sunday and an abundant week!


Holly said...

Great post as usual.
Thanks for the prayers!

JennaG said...

I envy you those quiet Sunday mornings. We go to a church with services on Sunday morning and night (Life Groups every other Sunday night). For years, I have wanted to stay home on Sunday nights to enjoy family time but we don't. Hubby and I were both raised to be there when the doors are open--old habits die hard!

Linda said...

Hi Cyndi,
I've been gone for a few days and what a delight to have all of your posts to read. They are all such blessings. I love your tribute to your Mom and Dad. It's so true. We all learn so much more by what is modeled for us than by what we read in a book or what we are told.
I particularly like this most recent one. I struggle with the "doing" too. I sometimes wonder if it's that we feel better about ourselves if we think we've done something to earn what God has already so freely given us. If I could just get away from my "works" mentality and just concentrate on my realationship with a loving Father - wouldn't I become more like Him (just because I was looking and listening and then becoming)?
You stir my heart with your beautiful writing and deep thoughts.
We're saturday evening church "attenders" too (although we missed last night because we were visiting the kids). Thank you for your prayers. I'm praying for you too.

Laurel Wreath said...

Thank you Cyndi I needed to read this more than you know!!

Thank yo.

Susanne said...

What a wonderful post Cyndi! That is a great question. Why do we keep trying to add to what He's already giving us for a godly life. Something really worth searching our hears for!

Ahhh, a house to yourself sounds awful good!

Deidre said...

Wonderful post, Cyndi. I, too, try to add so much to my salvation so that I may live a Godly life. I make it too hard.

I love to read, and I have to even stop myself from adding books to learn more about Jesus instead of reading His Word.

Thanks for posting this! And, thank you for your kind comment on my post about Jehovah-rapha. So encouraging!