Friday, November 09, 2007

I Saw What I Saw

I have often asked myself, asked God really, why He has allowed me to see what I've seen in this world. I have stood in places and have thought to myself, "I'm just a suburban American housewife... how is it that I have the privilege to be here, to experience this, to look into these eyes, to love these people?? And when I get home, what am I to do with this?" Well, the answer to that is still working itself out in my heart, as it does everyday. I came across this Sara Groves video that captures what I've been thinking. "I saw what I saw and I can't forget it...I heard what I heard and I can't go back...I know what I know and I can't deny it..."

There's a reason we all get to see what we see... whether personally or through someone else's camera lense. It's not for nothing. It's not merely for "personal enrichment." It's not just data. And it's certainly not just so we can realize how "blessed" we are as Americans. I've seen what I've seen so I can act. It's not real love if I just "feel" it, nor is it true compassion if I merely momentarily shed tears. What wonderful opportunities are out there everyday for us to demostrate the love of Jesus!

"Your courage asks me... what am I afraid of?
Your courage asks me... what I am made of
And what I know of love...

And what I know of God..."


Holly said...

Oh my goodness!
This is a great post!

Susanne said...

Much truth here, Cyndi!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

These are really profound thoughts, Cyndi. My husband has seen so much during his lifetime, and his heart is heavy with it all.

But personally, I know God is going to use every one of those experiences for His glory. I can't wait to see how God uses what my husband has seen.

Joni said...

I caught this video for the first time this week on Godtube. So profound. I appreciate Sara Groves' authenticity and her calling people to social justice. Thanks for the reminder. It's prudent as I continue to pray about my upcoming Ghana trip and I reflect on all I've seen recently in Europe.

Linda said...

I think God is doing a special work in your heart. It is through you, and others that have gone, that I have caught the burden for those who are in such need - spiritually and materially.
For now I cannot go, but as I pray for them I feel the Lord making a connection. They are our brothers and sisters - a part of us. Some of them are suffering deeply for their faith and some have never heard.
The video was so moving. And your heart moves me as well. Something is stirring I think.

e-Mom said...

Sarah Groves is powerful. I've seen this clip elsewhere, but it still moves me. Thanks for posting it today.

Yes, we're so blessed to see what we see here in the US... truly, we must share our blessings with others.

Hugs, e-Mom :~D

Jill said...

Cyndi,Thanks for the video. I had never seen or heard that song before.

Great post, I have been thinking alot on this as we are coming up on our one year anniversary of adopting our daughter from China. There must be more for us to do...