Saturday, May 31, 2008

Home, Safe and Sound

Thank you to all who prayed our sweet daughter home. She arrived at the airport at around 10:30 last night, bleary-eyed but doing great!

She got an adorable short(er) haircut while she was there, and I swear she looks like she's grown in two weeks. We got home and since her "inner clock" felt like it was about noon the next day, we stayed up talking non-stop until we both fell asleep in her bed well after 1:00 AM. We got up this morning bright and early and continued chattering away while I made her favorite muffins. Now the washing machine is whirring, washing all of the "China" out of her clothes.

But, it is forever in her heart.

And it's so fun to hear about it, seeing it through her eyes and experiencing it through her. I know the stories will continue to tumble out over the coming weeks, so I will keep making muffins and listening intently...while I stare at this ever-maturing, fascinating young woman who I'm blessed to call my daughter.

So, thank you for your prayers leading up to and throughout this trip. They were truly felt!


Linda said...

Ah - it is all just as I imagined. So thankful she is home safe and sound. I just talked to my "girl" on the phone a little while ago and then cried thinking of her being gone for three months. How good it is to share heart to heart with our daughters.
Thank You Lord for answered prayer.

Susanne said...

Yay, she's home safe and sound. I'll bet she's just got tons of stories to tell!

D said...

I was praying for her just today while I was mowing the yard!

Alycia said...

How wonderful that she is home!! I am so thankful that she is back home safe and sound and sharing stories from her trip. What a treasured time together sharing stories over her favorite muffins.

Deidre said...

Yay! She's home safe. She must have so much to tell ... enjoy the next few weeks as you see God's work in her heart.