Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Works-for-me Wednesday: Daily "To-do's"

I haven't done a WFMW in awhile... I used to do them weekly, but it's so hard to think of something to post. I feel like it's all been thought of!

Well, maybe this idea's been thought of, too, but I decided to post it anyway.

Shannon posted today about her chore chart, and even has one to download. So helpful! We have a similar chart of rotating chores that we've used for years, and one of my first WFMW posts was about the signs in each room on the back of the doors that tell each of them "this room is clean when you have..." Those have helped as well.

Well, this is a list of "chores" of a different kind that I developed this year, for all of us, daily. This school year these became part of their daily "assignments" (and mine, too!)

Each day at our house you must do:
  • Something musical (practicing an instrument, listening to something *good*)
  • Something physical (treadmill, any form of exercise, dancing around to music, etc)
  • Something outdoors (Yes, even if it's freezing, raining, or 110 degrees. Even just going to get the mail.)
  • Something that serves/blesses someone else (for no other reason other than... it blesses them. Chores don't count.)
Although they have studied various instruments in the past in the past, neither of my kids are currently taking any type of formal music lessons, but I feel that a daily encounter with music is important... so they can noodle around on a recorder, guitar, piano or drums, or listen to something classical. On days when there is no sports practice, they still need to do some sort of physical exercise. Since we homeschool, if we don't have an outside activity that day, we might not go outside at all, and that's not healthy! So, even if it's just sitting on the porch breathing fresh air or throwing the tennis ball with the dog, get outside for awhile. And we should all try to bless someone else daily, multiple times per day. Of course, these can be combined... weeding the flower bed is outside and it blesses mom. Riding a bike is exercise and outside. Dancing around to fun music is musical and physical.

All four of those things sound simple, and perhaps are activities that are already part of family life, but I have found especially with older kids (and moms!) and a busy schedule, things get overlooked. And all four of these are a key part of proper physical, mental, and spiritual health. No charts or allowances are tied to this "list" but it has helped us all to not forget these key areas of life, and to build them in as daily habits. And that works for us!

For more great tips, visit Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer. Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Karla said...

Great idea! It's easy to forget some of those important activities.

Barbara H. said...

This is a great idea and it puts it very simply. So many times during the summer we just drift along and don't accomplish much. This would provide good balance.

Susanne said...

I love those four things you must do each day! What a great idea!

Amanda said...

I love this! I just might have to incorporate this into our lives ;)