Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I miss her!

I know she's where she's supposed to be, doing what she loves... but I miss my girl!

Thank you SO much to all of you who have been praying for Bethany as she is on a mission trip in China. She has been calling about every other day and texting some. (Yes! We can even text! I love technology!)

She is *totally* in her element. She has had some powerful conversations (even partially in Chinese!) with lots of young people/ college students. They have had a wonderful beach party and also participated in a LARGE concert, where one of the very talented guys on the team (who is the worship leader at one of our church's campuses) led P&W music. (Isn't that amazing? P&W music in an outdoor venue in China!!) She and some others performed a puppet show that we've done in previous years, which was apparently it was a hit as well. They also got to sing on stage. She said they were even asked to sign autographs afterwards! There were supposedly hundreds, if not a thousand people there. I am so excited that so many heard the wonderful message that they are there to tell! Praise God! Every time she calls she excitedly tells of some wonderful open doors and effective conversations. God is at work!

But, I miss her. She's only 14 after all. ;) I've been wondering if this gets any easier when they are in college. But, I doubt it.

She'll be home late Friday night, and I have to admit... I can't wait!

(Oh-- and our dossier is in Africa now. Yey!! So, my heart has been all over the place this week!)


Jessie's parents said...

Sweet photo of you and your girl. I know you miss her. We are praying for her and the rest of the team as they wrap up their last few days in China!

Deidre said...

How exciting! So neat to read how God is using her. She is still in my prayers, Cyndi.

kristinleighkelly said...

I am so proud of your sweet girl and her heart for the lost and our Lord! I can not wait to hear about all of her adventures and will pray for safe travels home.

Susanne said...

Last summer my girl was gone for 3 weeks. It was very hard. And now she'll be leaving for school in September. The will be very difficult.

I love the picture of you and your girl and her missions trip is sounding so exciting. Maybe she can share a post about it when she gets back?

Jill said...

Rejoicing with you that your dossier is out of your hands and into someone else's! One step closer!!!

Linda said...

Of course you miss her - and, no, I don't think it ever gets any easier. My 29 year old daughter is excitedly planning to spend three months in France, and I miss her already (and she hasn't even gone yet!).
My daughter-in-law is going to get in touch with you. I've been bragging about you to her!!