Friday, June 27, 2008

Sticky Post

Since we are awaiting news in the next day or so regarding our court date, I will keep a "sticky post" here with adoption updates. Other (new) posts will be below, if you want to scroll down...

(Fri. June 27, 8:00 CST) So. This is what it feels like to be a "pioneer."

By that, I mean that our family is one of the first 5 families in our agency to help them "pioneer" their program for this country. The positives of that role FAR OUTWEIGH the negatives (We are so incredibly blessed to be part of this agency and this program. SO blessed. Someday I will try to put into words how blessed.) But, this is one of the negatives. What our case worker was told would be the court date where everything would be finalized, was actually the initial court hearing. I spoke directly with Getahun in Africa just a few moments ago and he excitedly told me it was "successful"... that the papers have now been filed successfully. Our court date is July 25. Another month. He called to give me the good news of a successful filing. Not at all the news I expected or wanted. But it IS good news! We are closer!

What is also good news- the BEST NEWS- is that he said they told M about us and that he is "Sooo very happy. Very, very excited." (<--- I wish I could write that in the same African accent and warm tone of voice that I heard it in. It would make it so much more meaningful!) So he knows. He knows.

And now we know.

And we can move on, pressing on toward July 25. Thank you SO much for praying. Your prayers have been heard, and as a result, grace has been apportioned for this day as well as the court date for which we have been praying. Thank you. (This experience wasn't wasted. I encourage you to read the prayer I posted below.)


And He is good, all the time.

Phil. 3:12,


(Fri. June 27, 6:30 CST)
We were not able to get through to Africa when we called during the night (our time) be we called this morning and found out that due to power outages yesterday our court proceeding didn't happen. Our lawyers are at the courts NOW. If you are reading this early this morning, there is a reason. Please pray with us! I know God is in control. Thank you so much for checking in. We love y'all!!

Prov. 25:25,


(Thurs. June 26, 10:00 PM CST)
Well, not long after my last post we accepted the fact that we would not hear any news today. We were disappointed, but somewhere in the back of my mind I was prepared for the fact that we might not. Although I've not been in that particular country, I have been in a part of Africa where we were not able to get calls out or have access to the internet. That's just how it is. So, tonight while I was cooking dinner I cranked up my Chris Tomlin playlist on my iTunes and decided to simply praise God for Who He is. Have you noticed how praise seems to put things in their proper perspective? It helped me so much. (Well, that was 5 hours ago. Now I'm discouraged again. It's time to snuggle up with my Bible and my 31 Days of Praise book.) We are actually going to call there ourselves sometime around midnight or a little after, I think. We have been working with the orphanage directors for some things that have to do with our non-profit, and we have cell phone and office numbers, and we are never without an African calling card! So, I think we'll try to get through. But, I'm not hanging my hat on getting through! And now doubts are creeping in that our court did not pass. For no reason, really, just a couple of things I read. But it's okay, I am reminding myself of how big God is! He is sovereign! Thank you for your prayers.

Prov. 25:25,


(Thurs. June 26, 3:10 PM CST) Still no news. We spoke with our caseworker awhile ago who was able to contact one person this morning who didn't know yet. The person who *does* know was still out. And that person is supposed to call here. But all subsequent attempts to call or email have not gone through. "Iffy" phone and email connections and power outages make getting information from there difficult at times! Whatever happened in court today has already happened. We just don't know what it was. Hmph.

It's a little after 11 PM there, and they could still call. Please pray for a connection to open up!

Thanks for checking in!

Prov. 25:25,


(Thurs. June 26, 11:30 AM CST)
We are still waiting for news. We received word yesterday that the two other sweet families from our agency with court dates this week may not go through. One family for sure did not pass and has been given a new court date of July 8. The other family will go to court today, despite the fact that the judge has asked to see their daughter's birth mom, whom they have yet to locate. We have all been praying that she would be found at the last minute and appear in court. There are a different circumstances surrounding M, so this particular issue won't come into play for us... but we are just waiting to see if there are any other bumps in this road. Luke was home half the morning with the air conditioner repairman. I've packed M's suitcase, just because. (Many thanks to my Mom who has outfitted him for his trip home!) I am also organizing receipts and bills, folding laundry, researching ESL instruction, and otherwise trying to keep myself occupied. I'm about to run the kids to Blockbuster to rent some movies and Wii games (as we are all trying to find something to do... today is a bit of a "different" day) and then it's back home to stay glued to the phones and email. Oh, and yes, I realize we may not hear anything today... ;) Thank you SO MUCH for checking in on us, and for your prayers!!!

Prov. 25:25,


(Wed. June 25) Today we are praying for tomorrow's court date. They are 8 hours ahead of us, so it is already evening. More than likely he has been told about us! I can't even imagine! This morning God gave me Proverbs 25:25- -

"Like water to a weary soul is good news from a distant land."

Oh how I pray that the news that he has a family has been like water to his weary soul. I hope he is excited about a new beginning and can somehow feel the deep love we have for him. I pray that we will be the recipients of "good news from a distant land" in the coming days as well. I know that some court dates didn't go through yesterday due to power outages the day before... so I don't know if that started a "domino effect" or not, and whether other ones will be pushed back. We still haven't heard if the family ahead of us from our agency passed court, which we are eager to hear not only so that we can celebrate with them but also because it will be a good indicator of how ours may go, as we compiled our paperwork in an identical fashion and have the same legal representation.

Anyway, thanks for your prayers! I know that God is not constrained by time, but please keep the time difference in mind, and maybe pray about it as you're going to bed tonight!

It is evening there now. In just a little while a little boy will be laying his head on his pillow, perhaps still trying to process the news of his new family... maybe even holding the book of pictures we sent him. I have been praying that God will be knitting us together as a family even now...

Your prayers mean more than you know!


Jill said...

Prayin' prayin' prayin' for all three of the families!

Lisa Quing said...

My sister just adopted from Ethiopia in January. May God bless your adoption process and family!

Jessie's parents said...

I'm just a ball of nerves AND excitement over here! Precious M...I just cannot wait to see his sweet face in person. We're praying!!

Linda said...

Praying for you Cyndi. I covet your prayers too - for our daughter Lisa. She is on her way to Versailles for three months. We just got home from the airport a little while ago.

Leah Reeves said...


I am a member of the Dallas group. I will pray fof your family today.

Love the blog!

Jill said...

What a great verse for today! It is so exciting and so much fun to watch other families grow in the journey of adoption. God has used adoption in my own family to grow me so much. He has taught me and showed me things about myself that I had no idea were there. Silly me, I thought it was just about adding a sweet little Chinese girl to our family out of obedience to the Lord ;o)

Alycia said...

Still Praying Cyndi! I checked in first thing this morning to see if you had any updates on M. We will keep praying and look forward to hearing more. Blessings my dear friend...

Holly said...

We're praying with you. Hang in there!
This is a whole different kind of labor, but praise our mighty and sovereign God that He's totally in control of it! And He knows the exact moment you will hold your new son in your arms. And He is mighty to save!
I've been back and forth on this blog and FB today looking for news. Thanks for the updates...
...Okay, now I've got to go spend time in praise too...

Holly said...

I'm on my knees this morning...

The Wilkinsons said...

I know it is not the news that you wanted but it IS good news as you said. We have a code among my husband a few close friends that have a heart for Africa, it is this: T.I.A. If you are stateside it means That Is Africa for ya, there it means, This Is Africa and the "norm" isn't the norm here. It is just different in the way the communication comes and goes, the way the electricity comes and goes, etc. Praying that no more TIA roadblocks stand in between you and "M".

Deidre said...

He know! Wonderful news. I know it isn't what you were expecting, but GREAT NEWS nonetheless. July 25th is written in my journal. Praying....

Cyndi said...


That's so funny... my daughter was sitting beside me on the couch last night, put her arm around me and said, "Well, T.I.A.!" (We've been saying "T.I.C" for years about China in our work there.) I knew *just* what she meant!

T.I.A. is right... I just learned from our case worker that *she* was *told* by someone there that this was THE court case. She didn't misunderstand or assume. The person who told her that just wasn't familiar with all of the proceedings yet. But, the lawyers are and most of all, *God is.* It is Him who makes all of this happen anyway.

As my husband put it this morning, we are "riding horses across a river," pioneering this thing, and hopefully that will make it easier for the families who follow us.

Thank you for your prayer, encouraging email, and insight!

Cyndi said...


Thank you SO much. I wasn't so sad at first,
but I just spent the last little bit sobbing into the
freezer in the garage while I was getting the chicken
for tonight's dinner. Man. This is harder than I
thought. (And one of my husband's golf towels may
never be the same, LOL.)

That you have written that date in your journal
blesses me SO much. July 11 will be the anniversary
of when he first came to the orphanage... and I was SO
hoping he would officially have parents before then.
He turns 10 on September 22, so my BIG prayer is that
we actually have him with us before then. I'm just
glad God is sovereign over all dates and times.

Thank you again for your prayers.