Monday, June 30, 2008

"This family will love me very much."

Oh my WORD.

Luke just called to fill me in on an update from our adoption case worker. She spoke with the orphanage director at length this morning about last week's court date and our next court date (July 25), which they feel really confident about.

Okay, whatever.

Frankly, after last week my brain is tired of thinking of court dates, "if-only's", "how-many-days-until's," and possible travel times. I'm weary of wondering what will happen next and when we'll hear anything. But what my husband relayed to me after that was just what I needed to hear: M's reaction to the news that he has a family!!

Our orphanage director is a precious, godly woman. She has a HUGE heart for these kids, and has developed a close and loving relationship with each one of them. When she was here a few months ago she was moved to tears as she talked about each of the older boys. It is obvious that she loves them very, very much. Knowing that helps me to imagine not only the excitement she brought to the conversation, but also the tenderness with which she must have shared this joyful news with him.

And, apparently he did, in fact, receive it with great joy. She said that there were many, many smiles, as well as tears of relief, release, and yes... JOY. He was indeed, very, very excited and happy (as we had heard). He has not received our care package yet which contains our DVD message to him, but he does have a book of pictures of us. She said he looked and looked at each picture, asking, "So, this is my family? This is my house? This is my brother? This is my sister?" Smiling... crying...smiling.

Then... she said he lingered over the page that had this photo:

Finally he said, "This family will love me very much."

Oh, my precious boy, you have no idea how much we already do.


Anonymous said...

I am so happy for your new son right now I am tearing up!! It's so wonderful -- he hasn't even met you yet and already he feels loved and wanted. Being a part of a loving family is such a gift.

Jill said...

So thankful that M knows about you and already feels loved - answered prayers! My heart is full of joy for ALL 5 of you!

Much Ado said...

Wow, I am in tears here on the other side of the world, reading this.....beautiful, just beautiful. What a wonderful day it will be when you are all together!

Joni said...

Weeping here as I read this...

Holly said...

Oh my GOODNESS!!!!
I'm over here just weeping. How incredibly sweet and touching.
I look so forward to what God has in store for all of you!

Mindy said...

How exciting. This made me tear up too!
I'm so happy for you and for your sweet M. What a blessing your family is to him already!

in HIM -

Alycia said...

Oh Cyndi, I just have to tell you that I have tears in my eyes just reading this. I am continuing to lift up prayers to our Heavenly Father for your sweet son and your entire family as you wait for your next court date. May you be filled with the peace that surpasses all understanding in Christ Jesus...

Many prayers,

Deidre said...

That puts a huge lump in my throat. I love reading about him finding out he has a family - a precious, godly family at that. How exciting!

I'm so glad God gave you this wonderful news to sustain you a little longer :)

Jessie's parents said...

JOY, indeed! Thank you for sharing this very personal moment with us. My heart is so anxious for M to get his care package, to see and hear your sweet messages to him and just stare at all the things that you sent him!! O Happy Day!

Debbie B said...

Just found your blog through BIAF yahoo.

Glad you have a new court date. I'll be praying as it gets closer.
Your son waiting for you sounds like a very special little guy. How sweet that he already knows your love for him.

Bethany said...

Already in tears just reading this post!!!! I can't imagine the love M feels! How kind of God to bring our families together this way. I can't even begin to imagine what blessings our new kiddos will bring to our lives!

The Wilkinsons said...

This brought me to tears. I know exactly how it feels to receive that news from a distant land about your child. What a gift, thanks for sharing your heart with us!

Susanne said...

He must be so excited to meet you all! What a happy day is coming!

Linda said...

Cyndi - how wonderful! This may sound silly - but it rained here today. Precious, life-giving, much prayed for rain. It has become sort of symbolic to me - this prayer that seemed to go unanswered - of the many deeper prayers of my heart that seem to have no answer. But it rained today!! He hears and answers prayer and the reminder came in sheets of rain and roll of thunder. He is working on your behalf - and on behalf of you precious boy.
I have been praying. He will work out all the dates....everything. It will be well.
I love you Cyndi!

Sandy said...

Cyndi, your posts almost always bring me to tears. I am so happy that M knows that this family will love him very much!

Our little girl has made a huge impact on her new family. Ashley can't get over this new addition. She keeps saying, "Mom, I can't believe that she is so 'stinkin' cute." What a little doll the Lord wrapped this blessing in. We are so grateful for His goodness.

Love & blessings,

P.S. I'll e-mail you a picture of her, but I probably won't post one on my blog. I know that you understand.

DeeDee said...

How exciting to hear those words! It makes me tear up thinking about all M will have in store when he finally gets to be a part of your family.

Our daughter and husband (w/3girls) are in the process of adopting. I find myself praying for her all the time.

I hope you don't mind that I blogged into your site...from a online bible study site...catch mine if you would like.

Joy for your days ...John 15:11

Jill said...

Oh my goodness. God is so good!

You have no idea how this has touched me today.

Kim said...

I am so excited for you all! That is precious how he feels so loved by you all already!

Jenny in Ca said...

Cyndi, you are making me cry.

just beautiful.

can't wait.

Emily said...

Absolutely astounding!! Can't even verbalize how thankful and touched I am. What a gift from God to have such confirmation for you and such joy for M. And what a tremendous privelege for us to be a small part by praying. We sure love you!