Friday, July 25, 2008

Thank Goodness It's Funny

Okay, I am bummed.

Our court day news (below) was not what I was hoping for today.

Laughter is the best medicine, though, right? My son knew just what would crack me up... He pulled this up on his computer a few minutes ago and we've been watching this:


The Lloyd Family said...

Thanks Cyndi. This was a nice reprieve for the kids and me in the midst of a day of cleaning.

I just hope I don't get the words to "Awesome Dodge" stuck in my head! =)

Linda said...

Thanks for making me smile Cyndi.
I'll continue to pray that all the details will soon be worked out.
Wait is not a word I like to hear. However, it is one the Lord has used repeatedly in my life lately. Do you think He's doing something in our lives?
Blessings to you dear one.

Tricia said...

That is SO funny! We love Tim! I'm glad that your sweet son knew just the thing to make you laugh.

Alycia said...

Thanks for making me smile today too! I am praying for you and that this will soon be worked out. Waiting is hard, and something that I am doing as well in my own circumstances. Many prayers my dear friend!

The Wilkinson's said...
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The Wilkinson's said...

I saw your post Friday but after I saw your update on my blog today I wanted to assure you that I am still praying! Can't wait to praise our God for both M's being official Texans! Blessings,

Daisy said...

Am continuing to pray for you too!