Thursday, July 10, 2008

Trusting the Unseen

So much of what is going on in my life right now, especially concerning our adoption, is unseen. Unseen people doing unseen things with unseen papers in a country we've never been in, all so that we can adopt a child we've never met. Of course, all of those places and people can be seen by someone, as they do exist in the "natural" realm. Still, there is remains an element of "trusting the unseen" in all of this.

Of course, I am trusting in the One Whom I know to be real (though He remains unseen) to guide and direct it all. The degree to which I'm really trusting Him is what effects my stress level each day, I suppose. Admittedly, that's a struggle for me at times. SO much of this process is "unseen," at least by me. I know that someone, somewhere (and most of all the Someone Who's everywhere) sees it... but I can't see it. And some days that's maddening. But it needn't be, and shouldn't be. And it remains a great object lesson for the Christian walk.

Amy Carmichael, in her book Gold By Moonlight, says:

"No Christian man or woman was ever meant to walk on the natural plane. There is no provision made for such a walk. Always, God's promise is that His child will break through and live and endure as if he were seeing only the workings of the invisible world, not fixed on physical senses. God himself made full provision for us to live this way: 'My grace is more than enough...' (2 Corinthians 12:9)"


D said...

These posts may not be speaking to anyone else but me...but I hope you continue them. Thanks for the encouraging word today...we needed one!

Linda said...

That is a such a deep thought Cyndi. I had never really thought of life in those terms. I seem to want to reduce all of my circumstances to my level of understanding and control. I don't think we could call that walking by faith.
Praying for the unseen to all work out until your faith becomes sight and you see your little boy.

Jill said...

I remember well those days of waiting during our adoption for the same things. It is so hard. But such a great time of growing as a believer and trusting in a different way on a new level.