Monday, May 28, 2007

China - Part 1

Have you ever been to a pro baseball game and sat through a lull in the action while one of the coaches makes the long trip out to the mound, talks a bit and then waves for a relief pitcher to come in? After a long trot from the bullpen followed by a number of warm-up pitches, he's ready to go. That's usually when the loudspeaker will come to life and the stadium announcer will introduce the new pitcher.

Well, if this blog were a ballgame you might hear the announcer say something like this today: "Your attention please... Now pitching for Cyndi's Blog - #2, the husband... Luke... ( with the rest of the announcement being drowned out by the roar of the crowd, no doubt) On the t.v. broadcast, the color analyst might say something like "This IS a surprise, to see them trot out the rookie right-hander with the team in contention and at such a crucial point in the game. Let's see if he has what it takes."

So, here I am, underqualified but having received good coaching and definitely with some good stuff to share. As most of you know, Cyndi and our daughter left for China over a week ago. I've been able to share some updates by email with a few of you, but thought there might be others who check her blog that would enjoy reading what the Lord has been doing through the two of them and the entire team this week.

Here's a portion of the first of several emails she's been able to send:

Hi there! I'm finally getting on a computer after all this time. I am SO sorry I haven't been able to contact you, but B assured me she's been able to email and call.

We arrived safely and wonderfully, and have had a terrific first two + days. We have pr walked a market area, a Buddhist temple, and the University. They have been quite powerful times and I just LOVE it. Love, love, love it. We walked the university today with a lovely sister in her first year there, who became a sister at The Bridge a couple of years ago (where we will be doing an English corner later in the week- confirming what a wonderful sharing opportunity that is). We took her to lunch after our walk and really enjoyed getting to know her. The teens have a puppet show later this evening at an "English" school. Not sure if we will have translators or not, but the students will have some level of English understanding. The Story is very, very clear. Our puppet team is being quite bold, so this is a wonderful opportunity. Please PR that many will understand what they are saying.

Today when we were at the temple, we were pring separately and I had some of my scrptrs that I was pring from and a woman approached me, pointed at my paper and was very interested in what I was reading. At first she seemed almost angry with me, but then John told her I was pring (I'm sure she assumed to the same "person" she was) and then she laughed. Hm. Jennifer shared with a cab driver two days ago and he laughed his head off. It truly is foolishness to some, isn't it? Pring for many breakthroughs this week.

You should see your daughter. The 4Fish girls aren't always with the other three, and B takes right over, talking to people. Some teens approached Daniel yesterday and she translated and conversed with them. They went back today to invite them to Saturday's beach party, but they have to work. Last night at the night market, I wish I had been videoing her negotiating. It is amazing. I can see Dad really gifting her in this area. Today she helped me buy a new pair of sandals (my other ones gave me blisters) and she spoke to the sales girl about the price, size, etc. It's amazing to listen to. I'll video her later in the week. All that studying and all those Chinese words taped around her bathroom seem to be sticking with her!

The rest of the week we have another pr walk, a puppet show at an autism school, a scavenger hunt around the city where each American will have a Chinese partner (so pr that our kids will each find someone to invite!), a beach party, a fiesta for the mk kids, the end of the year Awana party, and two English corners. There are also times to meet with friends they are meeting and invite them out to get a meal and share.

I've got loads to share, but this is all the time I can spend on the computer right now. I love and miss you so much. I can absolutely feel the prs of everyone. You have no idea. I feel like time is going really, really quickly and there is so much work to do. Isn't that how it always feels?

Give a big hug and kiss to my little K, have him hug you tight, and love on my little dog for me, too.

OH-- I almost forgot to tell you- I found those "Solomon and Friends" story books like we have in the Awana catalog at Xiao Ping's store- in Chinese- with the Awana logo- in Chinese- on the front. So much for not wanting the name splashed around. I bought a set for our club. Can't wait to show them to you.

I miss y'all so much and wish we were all here together. I know someday we will be.

Hu Shen Ting


Chris said...

Thanks for sharing! I have been praying for her and it is so exciting to hear what God is doing as they minister.

Great job on the post!

Linda said...

Well for a "relief pitcher" you've done an excellent job. I too am excited to hear what the Lord is doing through them. Praying...

Jenny in Ca said...

Applause to the relief pitcher! Thanks for sharing Cyndi's emails with us. Praying!!

Jen and family said...

The crowd is going wild
yaye a post here on Cyndis blog
courtesy of her good hubby Luke
good on you Luke

in all seriousness I was rather surprised to see a post
I thought surely she cant be home already

Thanks for keeping me informed through the emails appreciate that

jen at

Alycia said...

Thank you for sharing! Our family has been praying for your safe journey and for open hearts in China. Great job on the post too!

LeftCoastOnlooker said...

Great job!
We've been busy praying -- very glad for an update. thx