Thursday, May 10, 2007

Meme Combo: Purse and Randomness

Recently I've been tagged for a couple of fun memes, and in the midst of my busy-ness and taking myself so seriously as of late, I haven't taken the time to do them. SO, today is a chance to catch up! Let me just say in advance that I will NOT be taking part in the Show-Us-A-Picture-of-Your-Morning-Face meme or the Show-Everyone-Your-Desk one. Nope. It may be rooted in pride, but I prefer to think of it as... I just love y'all too much to subject you to those images. Besides, your kids might be near the computer and I'm all about internet safety for kids...

Mindy (The CWO Challenge winner! Check out her fun, new look! ) tagged me for the "Show Us Your Purse" one, and Jenny, Tami, and Susanne tagged me for the" 7 Random Things About Yourself" one. It just so happens that I can combine the two!

7 Random Things About Me (and a peek inside my purse)

1. My first random thing about me is that I'm a total purse-aholic. Yes, I live a purse-driven life. I love purses, always have. (Just ask my poor Dad who just about had to buy stock in Dooney and Coach in the 80's.) I think it comes from Luke 12:33 where it says "... provide for yourself purses which will not wear out." I haven't looked it up in the Greek, but I think it means that I should have cute purses. SO, here's my purse:

It's my purse-du-jour, since I'm wearing a pink top. I've seen all sorts of disclaimers on other people's blogs saying, "Don't worry- it's not real!" or "I'd never have bought a real Coach, it was a gift!" Well, I know for sure this one is real because the nice girl who sold it to me in Beijing for fifteen American dollars kept exclaiming to me, "It's real, friend! It's real! Real Coach, friend!" And I know she would not have lied to me. (cough)

And since we're supposed to show what's inside, here you go:

From left to right: Sunglasses, mints, Purell, cell phone, wallet, keys, iPod, tablet (inspired by Dr. Sam) and tissues. It was pretty cleaned out, since I just changed into it today. Later when I go to gymnastics with my daughter it will also have homeschool catalogs and a bottle of water in it.

2. I love, love, love to sing. I have memorized all the harmonies to all the Point Of Grace songs in the hopes that someday if they ever need a new POG girl again and should happen to call me, I'll have a leg up. I don't sing anywhere regularly, but God is so faithful to provide me opportunities to sing- I sang at a ladies' retreat for our church once, and recently I sang at our African Partner church. (Though right in the middle of belting out "I Am A Friend Of God" I realized my mike wasn't on. Were they trying to tell me something?)

3. I had heart surgery in my early twenties. I had to have it before I could have children. I had a successful surgery and then went on to have two really easy pregnancies and uneventful births. So, at gatherings when everyone's sharing their blood curdling birth stories, sometimes I have to play the "heart surgery card." (Just kidding.)

4. I love superhero movies, especially Superman. (Although I can't wait to see Spiderman 3! For my son's birthday! Next week!)

5. I am also a flip-flop aholic. Basically, I just want whatever kind of shoes I can have a lot of, which at $2.50 a pair would be... flip flops.

6. Pedicures are one of my favorite things ever. I don't get them on a regular basis, but I would if I could. I LOVE a good pedicure. In another loose (or mis-) application of Scripture, I usually go get one before a mission trip because the Bible says "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news."

7. I sneeze really, really loud. It startles my husband and has made my weenie dog run under the ottoman on more than one occasion.

There it is. Randomness. My son just sat on the couch beside me, glanced at the computer screen, and exclaimed, "Wow! I've never seen what's in your purse before!"

Good man.

Since these have been all around, I don't know who to tag. But, please play, if you haven't. It's fun. :)

Tag, you're it!


Anonymous said...

Cyndi, what a cute purse! Loved your interpretation of that scripture! I also love to sing and love pedicures. I don't get one as often as I would like, but I dropped a pretty big hint that I would like one for Mother's Day! Have a great Thursday!

Mindy said...

THANK you Cyndi for playing along.
Your purse is adorable!
And hey - if the verse fits wear it (or use it as the case may be) I suppose ;).
It is fun to read the rest of your randomness too! I have been praying for you and your trip each day. Peace is one thing I am praying for for you in the midst of all the preperations!
I must go get supper fixed - THANKS for the sweet compliments on my blog and I look forward to talking to you soon!
In HIM -

Laurel Wreath said...

Oh my goodness I love that purse. And the verse totally rocks!!! I will have to show that to my Mom.

And the sneezing made me laugh.

Great list.

BTW you were prayed for today.

Chris said...

You crack me up! Absolutely love love pedicures too!

Jen and family said...

interesting post Cyndi learnt some things about you I didnt know :)
jen at

LeftCoastOnlooker said...

I'm sure God meant we should have cute purses! There's not enough space on any digital camera to share what's inside my purse, including the digital camera.

Linda said...

I'm with you on the purse thing Cyndi and so thankful there is scripture to support it :) You are a clever girl.
I just bought a couple pair of flip-flops. I'm wearing one pair around the house to sort of break in my toes. It's been a while since I've had sandles that come between my toes.
It was fun finding out new things about you.

Tami Boesiger said...

You are one smart cookie combining two memes in one!

Thanks for letting us into Cyndi. I, for one, enjoyed it.

Susanne said...

A girl after my own heart, I tell ya! Cute, cute purse! Funny comment from your son. :v)

I'm a good sneezer too, but nothing compared to my son. My oldest daughter on the other hand, who quite a loud, boisterous person has the daintiest sneeze you've ever seen.

Jenny in Ca said...

Cyndi, I love the purse too, and I soo love your creative use of scriptures!! love, love, the purse verse! I am really boring...I use one purse for years...maybe I should reform??

you win- the heart surgery trumps hours of labor..

I always sneeze three times in a row, and my 5 year old does too.

great combination of memes, I enjoyed the tour thru your purse and thru your randomness!

The Preacher's Wife said...

the purse verse was the greatest..i'm writing that down!! :)


Sandy said...

Cyndi, I love your sense of humor. And isn't it so true that we do take ourselves too seriously sometimes. I'm right there in line with you on that one.

It's my second Mother's Day without my mother, as she only died in late March last year. I think I am dealing with it.

The hardest thing right now is to be a mom and have all three grown children living so far away that I can't see them this Mother's Day.

My message is this, "Give some 'older' lady a hug and tell her it's from her children."