Tuesday, May 29, 2007

China - Part 2

Here's the second email Cyndi was able to send the other day/night from China. Thanks for all your continued prayers.



Well, we can no longer claim that when we are dying of heat and humidity it is "Ghana hot." It is "China hot" as well. Oh. My. Goodness. B and I both agree that we haven't been this hot E.V.E.R. I couldn't even video or take pics this morning because all of my lenses were too foggy. I've got every hair clip I brought pinning every bit of my hair up on my head. It's purty. But, enough about that.

We have had some wonderful times of sharing the past couple of days. One time was in the back room of a shop when I was making a purchase for Tammy. The girl there had limited (VERY) English skills, looked at the gspel color bracelet B had on (that has "good news" and some scptr references) and asked, "What is your good news?" Wow! We had an incredible time sharing with her and will go back to check on her this weekend. She was unsure as her entire family is bddhst, and she had lots and lots of questions. Her name is Ghandi. (Yes.) Please be pring for her.

The puppet show at the autism school went incredibly well this AM. We had Ann Tang translating, and she is so gifted she could've done the whole thing herself with no puppets! For the first time I was aware of how intently the adults (parents and teachers) were listening. They were enraptured by the story of Noah. And they responded very favorably to the news of Dad and Son and how they are loved by Him. It was a very fruitful morning.The puppet show at the English school went very well too. Afterward the kids got to split up with small groups of children and really explain s-l-o-w-l-y what the Story meant. It was a wild bunch of kids, so it's hard to know how much got through, but the words are living, so I know they did.

The people seem genuinely glad that we are here. The college kids are amazing me with what they are doing at the university as well. We were over there this morning with them. We talked to some Philippino girls who are Sisters and who attend ICF (the fellowship) where we'll be this weekend.

I've been preparing bags for the Awana party and finalizing our plans for the weekend actitivies. We are about to forge your signature on some more awards. I'll try not to write too neatly. (sorry) :) The team is staying healthy and seems to be using their time to the fullest potential. I have gotten to put together Jennifer's school materials for next year and organize her school room shelves. Please pr for our endurance this weekend. Lots and lots of activities back to back. Many folks have been invited and there will be some great opportunities. Several folks seem on the edge of decision.

I'm sorry I haven't emailed you more, but this is only the second time I have been at the 4Fish's apartment. You know how that is... too busy doing it to email about it!I have been feeling great. My heart is still beating like it's supposed too. I've had one heart "flip flop" but that's nothing new and it didn't last long enough to need any medicine. I can feel the pr covering. We've only had one team member with a small stomach ailment, but he's up and at it again, no problem. (college team) We are eating our way around the city noodle by noodle! :) I am sleeping at night all the way until 4 AM usually. Woo hoo. My body has no idea what time zone it's in!

I miss you so, so much. It hit me today. One of the college kids (Chinese) that we saw today was a Brother named "Luke." I almost hugged him. But I didn't. BUt I might if I see him again. :)I forgot this weekend was a holiday weekend, so I'm glad you and my little Kyle will have some time off together. I guess we're both "fishing" this weekend. Fun!!!

Thanks for sending all of the c&p'd email. I cried. I just love all of our pring friends. The Body is an incredible incredible thing.

Love you bunches!!!


The Preacher's Wife said...

We sure are missing you Cyndi! Can't wait til you get home to tell us more....and don't forget the pictures :)

LeftCoastOnlooker said...

Wonderful News! we're still praying