Sunday, May 13, 2007

Menu Plan Monday

Before I get to this week, let me just tell you the Taco Soup last week was a hit around here, as was this Baked Catfish recipe. I also made this Toll House Pie one day on the spur of the moment (I left out the walnuts). We loved it so much, I made another one yesterday. That was the ONLY thing I did in the kitchen all day. For Mother's Day my sweet husband did all the meals, including grilling the best burgers and making the best homemade french fries I've ever had!

Well, this is my last "menu plan" for a few weeks. In just a few days, my daughter and I leave for two weeks in China and then when I get back my husband and I will be going on another trip for a few days, so I won't be in my kitchen for awhile. I know we'll be eating some interesting things in the weeks to come, so this week I'm sticking with some tried and true favorites in our house. And Tex-Mex. (Since that seems to be in short supply in Asia and in the northeast!)

Monday: Baked Potato soup, salad, garlic bread
Tuesday: Out to eat with my parents (Mexican food!)
Wednesday: Chicken Spaghetti, green beans, Caesar salad, rolls
Thursday: Chicken Enchiladas and all the fixin's for my son's birthday (He's requested this Blueberry Banana Pie instead of a birthday cake.)
Friday: Leftover buffet
Saturday: Whatever they're serving on Cathay Pacific Airlines!

Visit Laura's for more menus or to link your own. Have a terrific week!


Anne said...

Wow- how exciting that you are going to China! Have a great week!! :)

Sandra said...

Great menu, thanks for sharing :)


Menu Plan

G.P. said...

from one cyndi to another ... have a great week. China.. wow... very exotic

GP in Montana

tegdirb92 said...

yum! Blueberry Banana pie!! I'm trying that one.

Chris said...

Your menu looks yummy!

Linda said...

The menu sounds really good, and you Mothers' Day lovely. I love your previous post. How empty our lives would be without our children. And a beautiful tribute to all the moms in your life.
I'm praying the week goes well. Counting down the days!!