Sunday, June 10, 2007

In Case You Haven't Seen This...

It's worth taking three minutes to watch. Wow.

I know it's been making the rounds on some blogs, but I just felt compelled today to post it as well.

These are John Piper's thoughts on the "prosperity gospel." If the health & wealth gospel isn't going to somehow work its way into our thinking and infect what we tell others, it's going to have to be deliberate and intentional on our part.

God, you are enough. You are enough.


Linda said...

Powerful. I can't tell you how that false gospel hurt us at one time Cyndi. This was so good to hear. Thank you.

Christine said...

I have never accepted even one bit of that false gospel but never looked at it in that way. Thanks for posting this.

Alycia said...

This is so moving and powerful. Thank you for sharing this ~ I had never thought of it in this way. Blessings to you my friend!

Sue said...

Hello, I found you through Alycia. This video made me bawl. It is so true. I love his passion about this.
I once believed all that garbage. Hook-line and sinker.
Now I feel exactly like he does.

Thanks for sharing this.