Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday Menu and Maidservants

"She also rises while it is yet night,
And provides food for her household,
And a portion for her maidservants."
Proverbs 31:15

Happy Monday! I hope you had a fun, productive, restful-- whatever-you-needed-it-to-be- weekend! I know we did. August is coming to a close this week, and it's hard to believe! Where did summer go? I don't know, but as it leaves, I hope it takes the 100+ degree heat indexes with it. Whew!

Last week we really enjoyed this Cheesy Beef Potato Bake. I'd made it before, but I'd forgotten how much everyone loved it. It's super easy and makes great leftovers. (Two of my favorite qualities in a recipe!)

Here's what I'm stirrin' up this week:

Monday: Baked Potato Soup, garlic bread, Caesar salad
Tuesday: Mini Meat Loaves, Broccoli Cheese casserole (Fix It and Forget It p. 224)
Wednesday: Chicken Enchilada Casserole (Fix It and Forget It p. 190) <--- told you I love this book!, black beans, corn
Thursday: Leftover buffet
Friday: Order Pizza
Weekend: Leftovers, out-to-eat after church, and going to my Grandmother's house for my b-day weekend (I know there'll be some good eating there!)

Visit Laura's for more menus, or to add your own. Thanks Laura!

SO... what about that Proverbs 31 woman? Have you ever read the above verse and come to the part about "her maidservants" and thought, "Well, good for her! No wonder she can do all that. She has a staff! I could be a Proverbs 31 woman, too, if I just had maidservants. But, mine didn't show up today!"

I thought about this over the weekend as I was catching up on household chores and caring for my maidservants. Oh, yes, I have them. I bet you do, too! They're called "household appliances." Most of our homes are staffed with them to some degree!

My "laundry woman" (aka: washing machine and dryer) worked for at least one other family before she came to us. She is old and weathered-looking but she shows up faithfully to work just about every day. She doesn't have a large capacity, and due to her age isn't really "high tech," but I love her just the same for faithfully washing the dirt and grime out of my husband's work clothes each week, cleaning and freshening our linens, and keeping our clothing ship-shape for our activities. I just couldn't do without her! I hope she stays around awhile longer, as she would be expensive to replace!

My Head Dish Washer (aka: dishwasher) is just a few years old, having joined us when this house was built. She is a noisy one, though. She definitely makes her presence known! If she's washing dishes, she wants the whole house to know it! Often I have to "shush" her when the phone rings or if the kids and I want to read a book in the family room. But, oh how I'm glad she's washing the dishes instead of me, as I hear those dishes clank-clanking,the water loudly swishing, and her cycles loudly switching from washing to rinsing. While she's doing that, my hands are free to pursue other tasks that she's not made for. I'm really glad I have her!

My Floor Cleaner (aka: vacuum cleaner) is really cute. Her name's Eureka, and she's blue and perky. She's one of the newest additions to the staff, having just come from Target a couple of years ago. She has some "attachment" issues that we had to figure out initially, but now we work together just fine. She needs a push to get going, but when she knows one of us is behind her she really does her job, often multiple times per day. With two dogs in the house, she's really got her work cut out for her, especially in the family room! She always stands at the ready in the closet under the stairs, and leaves the room looking great after she's done her work. I love seeing her "tracks," around the house! She works well with both of the kids, who get to take turns with her each day. She really lights up a room while she's working! Couldn't do without her.

I've got many other maidservants I could go on about. They bless me everyday by heating my water, cooling my house, drying my hair, cooling our perishable food, cooking our dinner and keeping things frozen. One of them even has my coffee ready for me "while it is yet night." Isn't that great? They each require a "portion" of something to do their jobs- portions of water, electricity, detergent, filters,coffee, vacuum cleaner bags, and even portions of human energy. But with those small "portions" my "maidservants" accomplish great tasks and serve us everyday.

SO, have a great Monday, and don't forget to love on those "maidservants" as you go about your household work this week. We are blessed to have them, aren't we?


LeftCoastOnlooker said...

Wonderful menu -- as always -- I'm actually planning to cook this week.

I love the way you characterize your household staff -- it makes me appreciate mine -- thx

Susanne said...

What a truly right on post done in a humorous way! "Attachment issues" indeed! Too funny.

But seriously, we are so very spoiled in our culture. We do have it so easy compared to people even a hundred years ago. I just cannot even fathom boiling my laundry over an open fire or scrubbing it on washboards. Or hauling my rugs outside and beating them senseless. Or any of the myriad of chores that required 10 times more work and effort just a century ago. Thank you God for my appliances and the electricity to run them. I'll think twice before I complain about laundry again! ;v)

Deidre said...

Oh, I am laughing at this post. Maybe that was my problem last week ... my 'maidservants' have been on strike. My washing machine was worked on twice and she still hasn't decided if she wants to serve our family. And, my vacuum cleaner doesn't want to clean up after us anymore. She wants to retire to the basement and is perfectly content with us finding a newer, younger model.

Tammy said...

Great point!
It's amazing how easily we take all the conveniences for granted!
Wonderful post! :)

Linda said...

Absolutley delightful Cyndi. This is one place I plan to visit whenever you put out the welcome "blog". Just between you and me - I've acutally be doing a bit better on the time thing. Thanks so much for your encouraging words!
I love this post - just love it. I often tell my husband that I can just picture the look my grandmother would have had on her face when I say I'm going to "do" the laundry. She would probably say something like, "You mean push a few buttons?" I am ever so grateful for my maidservants, but I must admit I never thought of them in quite those term. I have another confession - I've never really liked that Proverbs 31 Woman, but I think I like her a little better now.
The menu looks delicious. What are your birthday plans? Do something special.

Nicole said...

Hi there! Just browsed your menu and I've bookmarked Cheesy Beef Potato Bake. :) Have a great week!

Mindy said...

I have to say that even though there is a part of me who doesn't want to admit that I have maidservants - this was a great post.

Lisa said...

Thank you for that. I never thought about it that way. We sure would be wiped out if we didn't have our appliances eh? ;O)

Dianne said...

Cute analogy! I AM the head dishwasher at our house, having no room in the kitchen to board one. Nevertheless, I do enjoy the help of many others and am looking forward to a new fridge this weekend as the old girl just gave up the ghost!

You're right - we do have help, we just forget!