Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Oh, how refreshing in the midst of the heat of 105-109 degree days to stop and be... thankful. It is truly a cool, refreshing breeze against the oppressive discontent that can so easily settle in my spirit!

Today I'm thankful for:

~air conditioning. Truly. I have been praying for those who have nowhere to go to escape the scorching heat.

~a forecast of cooler temperatures through the weekend and next week.

~that the city library was kind enough to send our church their library book that we accidentally turned in there last week. (I knew that would happen if we checked out a book about sharks at church... that it would end up in the wrong basket!)

~ for my sweet cyber-smart mother-in-law who sends me e-cards. I'm also thankful for her wonderful, new job that she will be starting soon. Going to work a few years ago was a season of transition for her after being home so many years raising six kids. I am thankful that God helped her to hone marketable skills (not to mention tenacity and people skills) while she was home caring for those precious babies all those years.

~ for my hard-working husband who leaves the house at dark:30 in the morning to provide for our family. And calls me to thank me for the balogna sandwich I sent with him. :) How I love it when he comes in the door in the evenings and we all share a meal together. It's one of my favorite things in this life.

~ for the sound of Legos rattling in the bins upstairs as I write. I love my creative 11 year old boy and the creatures, ships and robots that he proudly shows me. While he builds with plastic bricks, God is nurturing and fostering his creativity, preparing him for the many ways He'll have him use it for building the Kingdom for God's glory throughout his life.

~ for my sleepy teenager who I'm letting "sleep in" during her last few days of summer. She works so hard for others, babysitting, working at our church cafe, teaching a gymnastics class, and helping me at the Awana office and around our house. I can see that God is building a strong work ethic in her, and I know it will serve her (and most of all, her Heavenly Father) well.

~ for the energy and creativity God is granting me as I prepare for our upcoming schoolyear. Homeschooling is one of the privileges for which I remain supremely grateful everyday. Each year as the task seems to grow more daunting, God's grace increases all the more to meet me in my weaknesses and help me rise to the responsibility. Believe me, it's all Him!! Thank You, Lord!!

~ for all of the volunteers we have so far in our Awana club. It takes about 150 volunteers to run a club our size, and God Himself is assembling a top-notch team who He will use this year to bless so many households in our community. I love the mental image of His Word being poured into those homes and little hearts. Lives are being shaped and transformed, and it's such a privilege to serve in this ministry. It's a lot of work at the moment, but He is showing me that it's worth it.

Please stop by Iris's to share your thanks or to visit others to see what they're thankful for. Be warned... it's contagious! :)

I'm thankful that you stopped by! Have a great day!


Mindy said...

Great list! You truely show a grateful heart!
In HIM -

Dianne said...

Sweet list. It's always encouraging to be reminded by the gratitude of others.

ellen b. said...

Oh my goodness. Y'all in Texas need your air conditioning for sure! Blessings on your thankfulness!

Laurel Wreath said...

I am ready for Fall, but I am thankful for AC also!!! What a wonderful list to read through.


Deidre said...

I love this list. Especially the part about your son and how God is working on him even as he plays ... I love that.

Susan said...


I love your post. It is so wonderful what God can put in our lives to make us so thankful.

Angie said...

Cyndi---what a pleasure it was for me to sit here tonight reading over your wonderful thankful list!
I am full (from salad bar a Ruby Tuesday) and tired...from working at the law office all day hearing the PHONE ring...but now it's not ringing...I am resting. Your post was as refreshing to me as the a/c blowing the cool air.
God is good! All the time!
All the time, God is good!

Susanne said...

Wonderful list! It's supposed to be hot here today too, but the nights are really getting cold.

eph2810 said...

Wow - you have 150 volunteers for the AWANA club at your church. How amazing.
I know that you mean about A/C - we have not had any temps under 105 all week long...looking so forward to fall.

How neat the your beloved calls you to thank you for the sandwiches :)

Thank you so much for sharing your grateful heart with us this week.

Be blessed today and always.

marina said...

Hi, Cyndi I found your blog through the preachers wife, and I thought I would stop by and say Hello , I am form Texas too and Amen to air conditioning for sure, I would surley die without it, Oh and I love Pride &Prejudice ,after reading the things you love I fell like I should re -do the things I love on my blog too, I am knew at these bloging but hope to last.and I love the things of God.Please vist me and let me know what you think since we live in the same state. marina

Terri @ In His Hands said...

I thought you might appreciate that cooler weather I brought with me from California. I hope it makes up for my post on Aspartame. I was afraid your family banned you from reading my blog after that one!

I always enjoy reading your thankfuls!

Blessings to you and your air-conditioning!