Monday, September 03, 2007

My Daughter's Top 40

Oh, it's been a wonderful birthday! We've had a refreshing visit with my sweet Grandmother, enjoyed some card games, relaxing, and going through my Grandad's workshop. When I get back I'll have to share some pictures with you!

My kids each did the sweetest thing! They each wrote "40 Reasons Why I Love My Mom." (They had to know they would go straight on my blog!) I got some sweet gifts, but none as precious as their words:

Forty Reasons Why I Love My Mom
by Bethany
(age 13)

1. She has raised me in a godly home.
2. She sets a wonderful Proverbs 31 example to me by being an amazing and spiritual mom, wife, teacher and friend.
3. She will stay up past midnight talking to me about everything on my mind, even when she knows she won't be able to sleep the rest of the night.
4. She always sends her "famous" ;-) cookies with me when we go to friends' houses or to events.
5. She homeschools me, and takes the time to strategically plan out everything so that it's not just something I'm forced to learn, but also so that it's something I will enjoy.
6. She cooks fun, delicious, heaping full meals for us each week. YUM!! She is an awesome cook.
7. She talks to her dog, and he talks back. He has a very distinctive voice, surprisingly similar to hers. =)
8. She faithfully drives me everywhere I need to go each week with minimum complaints.
9. She has a love for missions and ministry throughout our church and around the world.
10. She shows love, joy, peace, *patience, kindness, goodness and faithfulness to each of us continuously everyday, even when we don't make it very easy to do. *Especially during school!!
11. She has a heart for music and singing which she has graciously passed down to me.
12. She let me go away to China for 6 weeks without her, an opportunity I will always be thankful I got to take part in. (Not the w/o her part, the China part!)
13. She's a "hip" mom, and all of my friends tell me how cute, young, cool, and fun she is. They're not lying either!
14. She knows ALL of the chat slang nearly every teen uses. Probably more than I do! LOL.
15. She supports me in everything I do.
16. She's a testimony to the fact that you can never have too many shoes!
17. She starts her day with God's word. (And coffee. :-p)
18. She'll make a spreadsheet for anything and can figure out whatever you ask her to on the computer. She's very computer savvy!
19. She knows the need for cuteness on everything.
20. She lets me help pick out my school books and doesn't just shove things at me that I won't like.
21. She has nearly everything imagineable in her iPod. From Van Halen to Sandi Patti, she's got it. Even *gasp* my music!
22. She picked an awesome husband, who is my awesome Dad.
23. She has different voices she doesn't even know about. She has her teacher voice, her prayer voice, and many more. (And I love all of them; none of them are a bad thing!)
24. She loves anybody and everybody even when they don't love her back.
25. She is a GREAT writer.
26. She suffered through months upon months of getting no sleep because of my crying when I was a baby. (Not to mention diaper changes!)
27. She sees the "big picture" when I can't.
28. She gets a pedicure right before mission trips to go right along with the "Beautiful Feet" verse.
29. She buys cute clothes, accidentally shrinks them in the dryer, and then passes them down to me. =)
30. She would do anything for anybody in her family.
31. She planned the best 13th birthday party for me, and it was a blast!
32. She completely re-did my room while I was in Africa on my first trip. I mean, completely!! I LOVE IT to this day.
33. She has brought tons of fun and exciting ideas to our Awana club, and I know that it would not be the same without everything she has come up with. The things she comes up with make it so fun for all of the kids.
34. She is a great nurse when need be.
35. She has so many creative ways to do things for school, and to organize things. She is very creative!!
36. She doesn't freak out if I fall off of something at gymnastics. Freak outs only come when necessary!
37. She gave me the idea for making this because she has done it for two other people turning 50 and 66. She is a very loyal friend to everyone.
38. She has a great way of explaining things that don't always make it to the part of my head which can actually comprehend things.
39. She's not afraid to preach at us if needed.
40. She makes the best iced tea in the world. Everybody loves her iced tea!
41. And one to grow on--- She will always be whoever I need her to be. My mom, my teacher, my best friend, my preacher ;-), my nurse, my shopping bud. She is the best, most godly woman I know!

Well. Reading this had me in a heap! So, so precious. (I especially loved that she realizes I chauffer her around with "minimum" complaints, and that I only have "freak outs" when necessary. Oh, and I'm "hip." ::ahem:: :) Later in the week I'll share my son's list!

Thank you so much for my birthday wishes. It's truly been a wonderful day!


Kelli said...

Lucky, lucky lady :)

I'd be in a heap, too!

Happy Birthday, you cool, hip thing!

Jen and family said...

bless your daughter
what to speaks to me of is the Godly example you are teaching your daughter
and what a GREAT job your doing :)

jen at

Sisterlisa said...

That's a very special gift you got there. ;O)

Happy Birthday!

Joni said...

My Goodness! What a blessing those words must be. I hope my children can one day say such things about me. ;) Right now, at their ages, it's mostly, "No!" "Why?" or "But I don't want to." Anyway, happy birthday, Cyndi!

We leave tomorrow morning for home. So many blessings we leave behind, but so many await us as well. Would you please pray for a safe journey and smooth transitions? Thank you.

Oh, was SO EXCITED to find out you were a former teacher. Me too! I just KNEW I liked you! ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow, Cyndi! That is something you will treasure forever! What a testament to your efforts over the last 13 years. You are obviously doing a wonderful job!

Happy Birthday!

Alycia said...

How precious Cyndi! I just loved reading each and every one of your daughter's thoughts. Wonderful job!!

Linda said...

What a precious gift Cyndi. Your Godly character comes into clearer focus through your daughter's words. I love it that you are not only a great teacher but lots of fun too. You are doing a super job.

Chris @ Come to the Table said...

will you be my mom too?

Wonderful, just wonderful!

Deidre said...

I love this list. What a testimony - "...her children arise up and call her blessed". So sweet!

Paulie said...

No words I could write would say the things your daughter did as beautiful as she penned. You were blessed to be a blessing! I am so glad I found your blog and saved it to read more often. Thanks for being a blessing in my life too!

lize said...

I espically liked #23 you have different voices ! what a riot! and I'm sure it is true! Happy day

Terri @ In His Hands said...

What a special gift from a special daughter! I just loved reading that!!

What a treasure!

Hope you had a happy one!