Sunday, September 02, 2007

Sunday Brunch

... at the cafe! Please join me today. I've got a seat (and hopefully some "apt" words) just for you!

We're on our way out of town, heading to west Texas to visit my Grandmother. I've spent most of the Labor Day weekends of my life there. And I usually come back a year older! (Funny how that works... ;)

One of our "maidservants" quit for good two days ago. Our beloved air conditioner. She was just not cool anymore! (And neither are we as long as we are downstairs... ) She started out a couple of weeks ago by blowing breakers and causing some of our other maidservants not to work. (Those attitudes are often contagious, you know...) After a good talking to and a bit of "attitude adjustment" done by a repairman, she worked for another couple of weeks. But two days ago she let us know she just couldn't handle the work load anymore. She quit. Yesterday after the repairman came and gave us the news, I knew what I would be getting for my birthday. And I was seeing dollar $ign$! Well, hmph. Then my husband and kids went out to his sister's new house for the afternoon where they have a unit just sitting there that someone had given them but was too big for their house, and could we use it? We'll be contacting our air conditioner man to see if this new "maidservant" will be a good fit. If so, what an amazing answer to a prayer that wasn't even all the way out of my mouth! If not, and we still have to buy a new one, it's a reminder that God does provide. I still count us beyond blessed to live in the small percentage of homes in the world that have the capability to control the inside temperature. That's something not to be taken for granted! I know that now better than ever!

While my husband and kids were out at his sister's yesterday, I stayed home and worked on our school plans as we will start this week. I love, love, LOVE the beginning of school. I did as a public school teacher and I do as a homeschool mom. I hope we settle quickly into a productive routine. I'm looking forward to it! I've been posting some of my homeschool preparations on my homeschool blog, if you're interested.

Oh, how I hope you'll stop by the cafe! And
I'll be back here tomorrow with my "Monday Menu" post to start out our week.

Love y'all!


blueberry said...

Hi, Cyndi! What a beautiful blog u have...I hope u don't mind that I included this as one of my favorite blogs! I am inspired by your writing and I hope I could make my blog as beautiful and inspiring as yours... Keep it up, Cyndi! God bless you and your family!

Linda said...

I couldn't agree with that other comment more. This is a very special place to visit.
I hope that new maidservant works out. In the meantime I'm heading over to the cafe.
Happy Birthday sweet girl. Have a wonderful day.

Alycia said...

Happy Birthday my sweet friend. Enjoy your day and your Labor Day weekend with your family!!