Saturday, September 08, 2007

"Week-In-Review" and My Son's Top 40

Happy Saturday! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend doing whatever energizes you and brings joy to you. I love having time like this to catch up on what needs to be done, get "recharged," and be with my family. It is a hot, Texas early-September afternoon and I am sitting downstairs, in my kitchen. Why is this notable? Because over a week ago our downstairs air conditioning unit died and we've been without a/c. Yesterday evening a guy came and put a new compressor in our existing unit and fixed it for less than a fourth of what we thought we were going to spend on a new unit. (Luke called him a "good guy." He doesn't use that term lightly!) I have been so thankful that God brought a "good guy" to us for this repair, and that we were able to do it affordably. It made it worth the wait! I've been cooking dinner in the mornings so that I'm not cooking in the heat of the day in the kitchen. Now I can cook in the evenings! (Oh, the little things we learn to be thankful for!)

We had a wonderful week. We started the week at my Grandmother's, where we celebrated my birthday and enjoyed a relaxing Labor Day. After we returned home on Tuesday, I worked to get ready for our first day of school, which was Wednesday. The latter part of our week was swallowed up in getting back into our school routine and by my working on our Awana preparations for our first club night tomorrow night. SO, it felt like a short but busy week! I took one of the best naps ever at my Grandmother's house early in the week. Yesterday I was wishing I could've bottled it up and transferred it to Friday!

Earlier in the week I shared my daughter's list of "40 Reasons Why I Love My Mom" and I said I'd share my son's later in the week. Well, here it is! It blesses me so to read what they think, and to get their "take" on me. They mentioned things I didn't think they noticed! Very interesting... (Note: Never to be one overly encumbered by the "shift" key, I am leaving his lower case letters and typos because I love it. It helps me read it in his "voice." ;) I added [some notes] in brackets where I felt explanation was necessary!

40 reasons why I love my mom
(by Kyle, age 11)

1. She is the GREATEST mother any child could want.
2. She agapes me and fileos the things I make. [We recently discussed the different Greek words/meanings for "love."]
3. She home schools us.
4. She talks to the dogs.
5. She makes the best chicken enchiladas.
6. She is a faithful Christian, mom and wife
7. she knows exactly how to painlessly remove splinters with the "magic needle"
8. she never says "I told you so"
9. She takes us on field trips.
10. She never gets mad when we spill something.
11. She knows just what to do to make cuts disappear.
12. talking stops and attitudes change when she makes her "teacher face"
13. She tells the cheesiest jokes.
14. She speaks "franish" [french + spanish. I am tres bueno at it...]
15. she will accept any challenge to a card game
16. she always laughs at the mention of "Big Tex". [Private joke. I'll spare you. ]
17. she has been driving the same van for ten years.
18. She picked the best husband.
19. She has a deep love for missions.
20. She reads us the bible every morning.
21. She is committed to awana and church.
22. She is never a slave to the phone.
23. She loves a good comedy show.
24. she is extremely "techno savvy"
25. She has many good Christian friends.
26. A simple hug can brighten her whole day.
27. She's very supportive.
28. You can't help laughing when you are around her.
29. She is patient with us.
30. She explains things better than the "math guy" [A video guy in the math curriculum we use.]
31. She'll answer questions faster than you can ask them.
32. she makes math fun (or at least bearable)
33. Sometimes it seems like she knows everything.
34. The first thing she reads in the morning is gods word.
35. She always has time for us.
36. She can comprehend long words like supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.
37. She has taught me almost everything I know.
38. She can plan an entire year in one month.
39. She always understands exactly how we feel.
40. Whatever we go thru she's been there before.

I love you mom!!

Have a great weekend!


Amberly said...

Oh, wow! Both your daughter's and your son's lists were so sweet! I know you must've cried when reading them. I almost did! Obviously, you've done a great job training them and teaching them. What a great example! Thanks for sharing!

Linda said...

A Mom who never says I told you so. What a sweet blessing you are!!
I love it that is list is so sweet and so concise - right to the point.
They both love and appreciate you so much Cyndi. Good job!!

Hind's Feet said...

I have so enjoyed reading your blog. A few of your pieces really touched my heart and spoke to me. Thanks!

I have given you a blog award. I am not sure of your approach to awards, but if you care to accept it you may find it at the following site:

Blessings, Kim

Mindy said...

How sweet!
You are blessed with those wonderful children!
have a great Monday!
In HIM _

Jessie's parents said...

Cyndi, your kids are soooo incredibly precious. I love being around them. They are always funny, encouraging and kind. They are truly set apart. I want my kids to be like them!! They love the Lord and they think the world of their parents. It shows in all that they do. Love you guys!

Laurel Wreath said...

I hope you are framing both your son's and daughter's list =) Talk about a pick me up on bad days.


Paulie said...

I was waiting in anticipation to read the second list promised for later. . . BUT then I forgot about it and whose blog it was on. No problem! I found it today in my saved links and was so happy I did.

YEP! I agree. . . blessed to be a blessing!

Yes, their original lists need to be framed. Ü

Fr Greg+ said...

I know what "big tex" is.


Cyndi said...

Um, that would be my brother. He knows *alot* of things. LOL

Christine said...

That is the greatest!!!

Chris @ Come to the Table said...

Your kids are so sweet! I love that you had them do this. This must be the best gift ever!!