Friday, September 28, 2007

Where Am I?

Happy Friday!

In case you're looking for me, today I'm at the cafe where I have shared a story that I originally posted a few months ago here, about entering His courts with praise. Grab a water bottle, put on your sandals and join me in Ghana for this wonderful memory and a lesson I learned from a dear Ghanaian sister!

I've also posted some pictures from our school week and birthday fun and a post about making maple candy over on my homeschool blog.

Have a terrific Friday and a wonderful weekend!


teresa said...

i really enjoyed browsing your blog. your candid insight is refreshing... thanks for sharing!

Chris @ Come to the Table said...

This was such a good post today! I have been working through some really good lessons lately in the word, but realized this morning that I just needed to stop and "praise Him".

lori said...

I missed the Ghana post the first time around....not sure why..I am so glad you reposted it, it was amazing..and as I said in the comment over there, I do so much praying with and through music...but I have never thought of it as 'entering the courts with praise..' I am writing that down in my journal tonight. I just LOVE that!!
Thank you Cyndi for the blessing of this post tonight!