Friday, October 27, 2006


Have you been "boo'ed?" We were boo'ed this week. One evening our doorbell rang, and we found a sack on the front porch with a note and some goodies. (This started several years ago here, so maybe your neighborhood does it too.) It had a cute little ghost picture to put in the window to indicate that we'd been "boo'ed" (last year it was "spooked") then we were to copy the note and ghost, make three goody sacks and "boo" three other houses.
Here are the goody sacks ("boo buckets") we made. The kids picked three houses who hadn't been boo'ed yet and "ding-dong-ditched" them, leaving the buckets on the porch. One of them was our neighbor directly across the street, and Kyle was spotted by them as just as he made it back to our porch. I don't think his heart stopped pounding for 20 minutes!

AND the best thing about putting together our boo buckets is that the bags of Halloween candy are now open.


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