Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Wisdom from Whit

Yesterday, while the kids were eating breakfast we listened to this weekend's edition of Adventures in Odyssey. For those of you unfamiliar with this show, it is a radio broadcast produced by Focus on the Family and heard on Christian radio stations nationwide (though we usually listen to it on the computer or buy the cd's). Usually when the kids are listening to their programs, I'm buzzing around the kitchen, or if I'm sitting I'm flipping through school papers or otherwise occupied. But yesterday, part of the episode caught my attention. One of the kids was trying to make a difficult decision and asked Whit (the wise, older-gentleman, friend-to-all character) for advice. He asked, "How do I know if it's me talkin', or God talkin'?" Whit replied, "Well, you look for three things. First, you see if what you're thinking lines up with Scripture. Is it in the Bible? Second, you seek Godly counsel. Talk about it with someone whom you know reads their Bible and prays. Thirdly, see if you have a peace about it." As I looked at my kids, thoughtfully listening while waking up over their breakfast, I thought, "Oh, how I wish I had heard this when I was 10 and 13!"

God is so faithful. He knew that I needed to hear this as well. This wasn't new-to-me, groundbreaking information, but it was SO timely. It just so happens that Luke and I are wrestling with a decision now (one that I'm sure I'll blog about in the near future). How do we know if this particular idea we're thinking about acting on is "us talkin' "or "God talkin' ?" We're about to take a leap of faith, and I'm hoping that we haven't made this whole thing up! Well... (1) it's in the Bible. (2) Luke's in the midst of seeking Godly counsel (first and foremost with me, and then those in his accountability group and others), and (3) there is a measure of peace. Not peace because I think what we're deciding is no big deal, or that what we're considering won't be hard work. Not calmness. But a deep-down sense of... peace. (If you've experienced it, you know what I'm talking about!)

Hopefully, if you're facing any decisions right now, "Whit's wisdom" has helped you as well!

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