Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Are you "all there?"

Have you ever felt "out of it," or said to someone, "Please forgive me, I'm not "all here" today!" I have! The question is... where am I? Still in yesterday? Am I in two hours from now? Or am I well into next week? I'm always somewhere, but not in the present moment. Moms especially know what it's like to hear your sweet child's voice while you’re nodding and saying "Mm-hmmm…" only to be snapped into the moment by, "Mom, MOM! Are you listening?"

Yep, not all there. Somewhere… but not there!

One of my favorite Jim Elliot quotes is:
"Wherever you are, be all there.
Live to the hilt every situation you believe to be the will of God.”

That quote repeatedly sprang to my mind last week while we were on vacation. It was as if, at times, I had to will myself to be “all there” and not, well, here in this week. It seems as Moms, we are often physically in the present moment, but mentally in the next. Oh sure, I've been to this moment... but it was yesterday! I can’t tell you how many events we’ve planned for our ministry or activities I’ve done with my family and after it’s over I’ve thought… “Hmm. That appeared to go well. Did we have fun?”

I was looking over my calendar this morning at the events and activities that make up December for us. I don’t want to miss them. Even though I’ll be there! (Once I get December coordinated, I might be tempted to tackle the New Year!)

I want to live not just the holiday season, but each day of my life “to the hilt.” All of it, not just the pretty moments. Not just the fun ones. Not just the blog-worthy or scrapbook-worthy ones. God is using all of the moments of each of my days to shape me into who I am to be, and what would bring Him the most glory. If I don’t believe a certain moment to “be the will of God,” then I can invite His very presence into my present and claim it for Him. But I can’t invite Him into it if I’m not there myself.

So, I’m planning and praying for the future (with the help of the One who has really already been there!) and endeavoring to live- to the hilt- in the now. I pray that for you as well.

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lrlwreath said...

This is sooo true Cyndi. I am guilt of "not being all there". Many times I am multi tasking TOO much.

Case in point, when I go get my boys (like I am about to here in 20 mins) my youngest does his homework right when we get home. Most of the time he will need some help. I help me (while I am sorting through mail, cleaning the kitchen, and yelling at my other son to begin his homework). I need to "be all there" for my son. I am going to do that today.

Thank you for this post, it is an important one.