Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Book Poll

This was on Laurel's blog, and since I'm feeling "bookish" today I thought I'd play:

1. Where do you most often buy your books? Online? Secondhand stores? Big name bookstores?

Online and at Half-Price Books.

2. If you buy online, which do you prefer - B&N or Amazon.com? Ebay? Christianbook.com? or elsewhere?


3. Do you put your name in your books? If so, are you a bookplate or stamp person?

Yes. I usually write my name and the year I bought/read it. I put name labels in the ones I loan out.

4. How do you feel about loaning books to others?

I do loan mine out, but I have loaned out so many- particularly homeschool books- I began keeping a list in my Palm Pilot. (Not because I don't trust the person I loaned it to, but because I'll forget I loaned it out and tear up the house looking for it or end up buying a replacement thinking that I've lost it!)

5. Do you highlight or mark your books as you read?

Yes! That's why I can't do non-fiction audiobooks. I can't highlight or make notes!

6. How often do you visit your local library?

Every two or three weeks. In fact, today was library day. :)

7. Do you collect any certain kind of book?

I've got almost all of Elisabeth Elliot's books, and most of Amy Carmichael's.

8. What do you do when you’re done with a book and no longer want it?

Kids books go in the garage sale pile or are donated. I've got some Christian books that I'm planning to donate to an annual Prison Book and Bible Drive that a radio station here does each year. In the past I've also sold some at Half Price Books.

9. Do you keep a list of or catalog the books you own?

I'm considering using Librarything, but haven't gotten it together enough to start.

10. Any other weird book habits you’d like to share?

Not sure if this is weird or not, but I've become a post-it-note-aholic for bookmarks. I use those little tiny ones because they won't fall out when I toss my books into my bookbag or carry one in my purse. I used to dog-ear the pages, but I got out of the habit when the kids were little and I only read a page or two at a time, and every other page would be creased! Then I discovered the post-it note maneuver. Also, not sure if this is weird either, but I always keep several books going at one time. And I almost never, ever read fiction. (Since I read so much fiction to the kids.)

There. Now you know everything. I'm an open book. :)


Laurel Wreath said...

I like the "open book" comment. That is a good idea to list the books you gave out on your palm pilot. You are sure organized on writing the year you bought/read the book, that is neat.

Great information.

annie said...

I love the post-it idea! I hate bookmarks because they fall out when the little one finds it.