Sunday, November 12, 2006

Awana Grand Prix

It's Grand Prix night! Since I didn't have this blog a year ago, I didn't post this picture taken on Grand Prix night last year. So here they are, looking a year younger...

Awana Grand Prix is sort of like the Scouts Pinewood Derby; you get a block of wood and make your car. (Google the words "Awana Grand Prix" and you can see that it's a big deal at clubs all over the country!) In our club, the 3rd-6th graders participate. The Sparkies (K-2nd graders) come watch and cheer. The Cubbies bring their Matchbox and Hot Wheel cars and "race" them on little tracks in the main hall. It's a fun night!

There are 1st through 3rd place trophies given for speed and design. Last year out of 60 cars Bethany's car won 1st place for design and Kyle's won 3rd place for speed. Way to go!

I just have to post this picture of Bethany's car that she and Luke designed last year. Since it was her last year to participate in Grand Prix, they went all out! (Obviously she was going for design, not for speed. She's SO related to her mother.)

Here is Kyle's contender for this year.

Be sure to tune in to ESPN later for the results. Or you could check back here. :)


Presenting the winner of 3rd place in the Speed category, for the second year running:

Way to go Kyle! (And Dad!)


Laurel Wreath said...

Holy cow those are awesome. We did that one year at our church, lets just say our car was not that fancy. You guys have it down. It was so much fun for the kids though.

Laurel Wreath said...

Great job!!!!! Got a trophy and everything!