Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Well, Laurel has not only blessed me this morning, she has also inspired me to do a "Thursday Thirteen." Her recent post about packing to travel with kids, the fact that we're spending next week out of town (in the woods!), and the fact that my mind has been wandering back to Ghana lately... inspired me to do my first-ever T13 on:

Thirteen Things I Always Travel With

1. My Bible
2. My iPod/mp3 player. (Along with extra/backup batteries) Because sometimes I need to be alone. Even when surrounded by people.
3. Almond M&M's
4. My daughter, the best world traveler I know!
5. Make up (because I love my traveling companions too much)
6. Brush-ups (for the same reason as #5)
7. My stress vitamins
8. My sleepy vitamins (I get these at Walmart)
9. Extra sunglasses (Standing around squinting is so unattractive.)
10. Lots and lots of underwear (Mom, I put this in just for you.)
11. Something to read
12. A blank book to write in
13. Flip flops Because they're the shoes God intended us to wear, and also because they're handy for defending yourself against creatures. (But not geckos. Because I'm growing.)

May God bless all of your journeys in the days and weeks to come!


lrlwreath said...

Ok I was going to say "ME TOO" starting with #2, but then I found myself going all the way down the list saying "ME TOO", "ME TOO"....etc..

You have a great time, take some good pics ;))

Beck said...

I always underpack underwear. Fun list!