Saturday, January 13, 2007

Frozen in Time

Like most families, we head into the weekend each Friday with a fair amount of plans and obligations ahead of us. We look forward to it, of course, but nonetheless our weekends usually involve running from here to there. Well, this weekend in our area of the state, three little words have brought that to a screeching sliding halt: "Winter Storm Warning."

My sweet nephew, Thomas, had his birthday party this morning. Being the weather wimps we are, and given that they live an hour + away, in the direction of the "arctic blast," we chose to stay home.

I just wanted to say a quick, "Happy Birthday Thomas!" Thanks for singing "The B-I-B-L-E" to me on the phone this week. You made my heart melt! After the Great Thaw, following the Big Freeze, we'll come see you and bring you your birthday present. Aunt Cyndi loves you!!

It just makes good sense to stay home today. The roads between here and there are frot with danger. Of course, they're not icy yet, but they will be. And if that knowledge isn't disturbing enough, the rain itself, which we hardly see around here, can be pretty distracting to drivers. Although the bridges and overpasses are clear of ice at this moment, they are not clear of the news reporters who have stationed themselves along the highways. So, of course, we must be careful...

We also canceled Awana for tomorrow night. Anytime you try to coordinate 500+ people, its best to make decisions sooner rather than later. Since yesterday we were able to send a mass email out from the church office and maximize the time needed to spread the word, we called it yesterday. So, I feel like I have just been given T-I-M-E this weekend!

So what am I doing with it? (Besides blogging about it?) Folding laundry. Grading the kids' work from this week (and majorly having a "teacher work day.") Staying hopped-up on pseudo-Sudafed and Zicam because I'm not feeling 100%. Enjoying my family all being home together. Watching the news of the approaching weather. We'll see if it turns out as icy as they say, but it's definitely good stay-in-and-sip-spiced-tea weather.

Have a good Saturday! For those of you in the path of the winter weather, stay warm!


Kim said...

Stay safe and warm...I think we will be just getting rain,although the temps have been dropping all day. I would love ice,snow..anything winter-like! But,it probably won't be happenning here! : (

Linda said...

We're bracing for a bit of that winter weather too here in South Texas. Actually, the temperature dropped 15 degrees while we were out on our walk this morning. It was just as though someone flipped a switch.
I have noticed, though, that every time we get all pumped up for one of these "winter events" - it tends to be "not so much".
Enjoy being home. I don't plan on sticking my nose out the door tomorrow either. Take good care of yourself. Have a blessed sunday.

Laurel Wreath said...

Enjoy your time. And could you send some colder weather down to Florida we are H.O.T. here.

Happy Birthday to your nephew.

Anonymous said...

We have had almost no cold weather in Tennessee this winter. I don't want the ice, but being able to wear a few sweaters would be nice! I hope you enjoy your weekend!