Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Have you discovered yet? We love it at our house. I listen whenever I get a chance.. to Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Beth Moore, John Piper, and Chuck Swindoll. Many times I'll be listening to a radio broadcast while driving home, or on the way to pick up the kids. Then I'll pull into the driveway or the kids will pile into the car midway through. So, I can just look up that radio ministry on Oneplace and listen to the rest of it later. (Like yesterday when I caught the tail end of this. Oh my word- good stuff.) I just love it!

I've been listening to a great Nancy Leigh DeMoss series this week as part of my morning quiet time/ Bible study. As I type this post, my son is sitting beside me listening to an episode of Adventures In Odyssey that he hasn't heard yet (a big hit in this house!)

If you haven't been to Oneplace yet, I'd encourage you to check it out. It really works for me!

For more tips, visit Rocks in My Dryer. Have a wonderful Wednesday!


janiswrites said...

Thanks for that website! My hubby got me an Ipod and I wanted to find some podcasts for it and now I have a wonderful variety of them! Blessings!

Taya said...

This is a great site isn't it! I ran across it a while ago and I still use it all the time!

jipmeister said...

It IS a great place!!
I found it a couple of years ago and began a routine of listening to Beth Moore's radio program every night after I got everyone off to bed. I found that after I'd caught up in the archives I would get really antsy when I had to listen to them one at a time. LOL

Josh said...

OnePlace is great, but (as one comment says) Podcasting is the future -- here's some links in case anyone's interested:

>> Go behind-the-scenes twice a month in The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast -- FREE actor interviews and more!

>> Join the discussion at The Town of Odyssey message boards

-king shasta