Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Works-for-me Wednesday: Getting a Good Haircut

I'm in need of a haircut this week, so this was on my mind. I go to an inexpensive hair salon franchise that I started going to a few years ago when I wanted to become less "high maintenance" with my hair. We began traveling more frequently and I found that keeping up with highlights and lowlights and a style that needed frequent trims was both time consuming and costly. When I switched to the cheaper salon (and stopped going to someone who knew my head better than I did) I adopted a couple of habits that work for me. I happened to catch part of a Rachel Ray episode during the Christmas break, and the segment was about getting a good haircut. Some things I usually do were actually featured as "tips" on the show. Go, me!

"Style your hair before going to the salon. When you arrive at the salon, we want to see your hair the way you normally style it. We want to see your abilities, so that when we design a hair style, you can actually do it yourself. You don't want to get a haircut and then get home and you can't manage it."

It's tempting to go in a ponytail and just let them deal with it, but I've had better success when I do my hair before I go, so they can know how I like to look, where I wear my part, etc.

"You should never do a consultation with wet hair. The consultation is the most important thing and it's when the biggest mistakes happen. We want to see your hair when it's dry, what the texture feels like, if there are any colics or other qualities we might not detect when the hair is wet."

Besides, I look just horrible with wet hair and don't like having conversations with anyone while my hair is wet and hangy. (At the pool it's ball cap or hair up. Always. :)

And my favorite:

"Show your stylist photos of hairstyles you like. It's not about trying to look like a celebrity, but about saying "This is what I like," so everyone's on the same page."

It's not about trying to look like a celebrity... No kidding, LOL! Over the years I've brought in so many pictures (though off the top of my head I can only think of Kathy Lee Gifford and Paula Zahn specifically). I wanted certain aspects of the styles in each of the pictures, and it helped my stylist to get a "visual." I've gotten the cut I wanted but alas, no one's mistaken me for Mrs. Gifford or Ms. Zahn.

The rest of the tips can be read at the Rachel Ray website, but these are a few that have worked for me!

For more ideas, visit Rocks in My Dryer. Have a good hair day!


Susanne said...

I needed this today! I'm bad about going with wet hair pulled up in a clip. I've been planning to go to a new stylist soon to try something new. When I do, I'll style my hair first and take in some pictures of styles I like. Thanks!

Chris said...

Thanks for the reminders. I am one to "let them deal with it", therefore they don't see how I wear my hair normally.

janiswrites said...

Hair can be quie a quandary sometimes. My hair desperately needs a cut, judging by the fact that the banana clip has come back out again. I just hate to make a decision about what I want. Thanks for the tips to getting a good haircut! Blessings!

Linda said...

Great tips. I finally found a hair sylist I just love. She does exactly what I want and is really good. I just pray she doesn't decide to change careers of something :-)
Isn't it great about Kelli? What a terrific blessing!

Barbara H. said...

Great tips -- thanks!

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

Anonymous said...

This was great! I have also found it helpful to have realistic expectaions and an honest stylist! When I asked a stylist to make my STRAIGT hair look like Julia Roberts in Steel Magnolias, she should have told me I was crazy. Instead, she tried. I have never made that mistake again! I will stick with what God gave me!