Thursday, April 12, 2007

Don't Lay Down Your Bible!

The current series on Revive Our Hearts is called "Walking Through Life's Deserts." (The series starts here. ) Today's episode was called "I Can't Do This!" The title caught my attention, because I have said those three words so many times, even in the past week!

Three women on the show today shared their stories of difficulties (some of which I can't imagine!) and discussed what sustained them during those times. This part really spoke to me today:

"It was such a shock in about my mid-30s when all of a sudden there were really tough things in my life that I didn't initiate or choose, but they were there. I had to walk through the process of coming to grips with who God was in the midst of Him allowing things in my life that I didn't choose.

I think at the beginning of that process in your life it's hard because you've never done it before. I think when you've seen God prove Himself faithful over the course of several things like that maybe you're a little quicker to recognize the hand of God in the midst of hurt or difficulty. So you surrender to it. You acknowledge who God is.

Then I think the thing of persevering and getting to God for hope means you can't lay down your Bible. There were moments in those years where the only time I felt okay was when I was sitting in my den with my Bible open having time to stay in the Word. If I got away from that, the circumstances were so hard that I would think, "God, I don't think I can live through this." But if I was sitting in the presence of God in His Word, it gave me encouragement and hope and perspective that I had to have.

If somebody says to me, "Well, yes, I'm surrendering to this. I’m getting to God." But they're not in the Word. They're not going to have what they need to be able to walk through that thing because that is the thing that brings us back to the point of truth.

Nancy: When you think of how God provided in the wilderness for the Israelites, He provided manna, water, protection, provision, His presence. All those things really are what we find in the presence of God and in the Word. That is our manna. That is our bread. That is our water. That's what sustains us in the desert."

Persevering and getting to God for help means you can't lay down your Bible...

Those words really resonated with me this morning. How prone I am in times of battle or seasons of stress to lay down the true Sword of God's Word, even momentarily, and begin wielding my wimpy sword of self-reliance. I loved this reminder today, and I needed it. The word "sword" has "w-o-r-d" in it. God's Word.

May I not lay it down, even for a second!


JennaG said...

Yes, the Word of God is life! I can tell that when I am studying and into the Word more, the more I crave it! We would all do better to remember how life-sustaining it is!

Jen and family said...

agree and timely for me too
so often its human nature to rely on ourseles and wooy but we dont have to nor should we we have the one who can help us better than one else can
jen at

Chris said...

This was so good. I may have to use this next Tues. in our ladies bible study. Too often I use "my wimpy sword of self-reliance", I see myself swinging one of my son's plastic swords when I have the real thing sitting right before me.

I was just sharing with my husband that often times when we hear others teach or preach the word of God we are like spectators at the big game. We are all fired up, wearing our teams colors, ready to cheer for victory, yet we don't want to actually ever have to get dirty and play in the game. We don't want to pick up the word ourselves and allow it to truly transform our lives, but we love to sit in the stands and shout "amen".

Laurel Wreath said...

I just listened to it. I have been listening to this series and it is very good. I listen to it a day delayed because I upload it on my Ipod =)

Remindes me of one of my times when I felt all I could do is open my bible and lay it on my heart and say, "Father, seep your word into me. I am broken, I can do this what you have called. I can even read your words through my tears. Just seep into me." God is so faithful.

Thank you for writing about this.

Laurel Wreath said...

I meant to say "I can NOT do this..."

Linda said...

This truly resonates with me Cyndi. During that most difficult time I sort of (well not sort of - I did ) got angry with God and withdrew. It wasn't until I could finally slowly make my way back to pray and read the word that the peace slowly began to settle in. We can choose to go our own way, in our own strength. It just never works very well.
Thank you for sharing this.

Terri @ In His Hands said...

Ooooh, that was good! I needed to read this post today!

The Preacher's Wife said...

I've been listening to this series too...Good Stuff! I love me some references to the Exodus..I'm totally am OT Nerd..:))

eph2810 said...

Amen to that, Cyndi. There are have been really dark days in my life...Without His promise and His Word, I don't think that would have made it out of the desert...I pray that I will always hold fast to His Word.

Thank you for sharing. I will check out the website.