Wednesday, April 18, 2007

SO cool!

We get to love on another "sista" this week. Heather, a fellow homeschooler, blogger, and sister in Christ, fighting a courageous battle. I loved her post today, "You Picked the Wrong Girl." Oh, my WORD. Goosebumps. Boomama is hosting an event similar to the "For Kelli" event a few months ago, and what a blessing it was to be part of that! Click here to read the story and click here to donate. Please let her know if you are praying, whether you are able to contribute or not. This is where it gets real, folks.

And it is real.

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Linda said...

I just checked the total so far. It is amazing. Praise God!! I am so excited about this. I love it when we come together to do something for someone else and for the Lord.