Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Works-for-me Wednesday: Car Snacks

Well, WFMW didn't "work for me" the week of the car edition (though I enjoyed some of the great tips!) so I'm posting a car-related tip this week.

I no longer have toddlers or very young children, so gone are the days of the little baggies of Cheerios or goldfish-shaped containers of (what else?) Goldfish crackers. But with a teenager and a preteen, we are into the years where they crave (and need) snacks as much as ever! I have found a great way to make sure the last sleeve of crackers that nobody wants, or the about-to-be-old bag of animal crackers or pretzels will get eaten... just put them in the car!

It's amazing, snacks they wouldn't choose if they were grazing in the kitchen become quite appetizing when it's the only thing available in the car on the way home from a field trip, golf lesson, or gymnastics class.

My kids (and their friends who ride with us!) have really appreciated having something to munch in the car, and I'm enjoying not throwing away remnants of snacks that have gotten old in the pantry. Works for me!

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Anonymous said...

Great tip! We are still in the stage with baggies of cheerios and goldfish, but if I left some in the car, I wouldn't have to worry when I forget! Thanks!

Jenny in Ca said...

good tip! I am still at the goldfish cracker stage...which I keep bags of stashed in the back of my van. I will keep this tip in mind as my kids grow.

JennaG said...

This is a great tip--I bet it would work for my crew! Thanks a bunch.