Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sometimes you're too busy doing it to blog about it...

Life, that is!

Man, I've been busy! I decided to pop into blogland today and it's the first time I've been on my computer ALL DAY. (And that's saying something!)

First of all, I can't post today without acknowledging that on this date in 1990 my cute, hunky college sweetheart gave me a gorgeous diamond and asked me to marry him. I couldn't say "yes" fast enough, and I've loved every minute of being his fiancee and then wife. Happy engagement-anniversary, honey!

Second of all, 32 years ago this week (April 9 to be exact) as a knobby-knee'd second grader I slipped out of my pew and walked to the front of the church to tell the world that I had given my heart to Jesus. I was so nervous, scared to death of the preacher, and would rather have been swallowed up by the floor than to stand up in front of anyone. That's how I know it was the Holy Spirit drawing me! At times I'm still knobby-knee'd and nervous, but I still love every minute of walking with my Jesus.

So, I've had a fun couple of "anniversaries" in my life this week. All I can think is... God is SO faithful! He has had His hand on my life in every conceivable way for so long: at every age and stage, in every area. It's real, y'all. I know you know it because I read your blogs and can see His hand in your lives as well.

If you're not sure, if you don't "feel" His hand and recognize His presence, just look for the good. EVERY good and perfect gift is from Him. (James 1:17) A smile from a teacher when you were in first grade. A beautiful flower in a pot on your porch. A meal to eat. A warm hand to hold. A soft pillow under your head. The love of your family. The kindness of a stranger. The opportunity to love and serve others. The love of your life asking you to marry him. A grape jelly kiss from a toddler. If it's good, it's from God. He's there! He's been there all along.

And I'm still here, just busy!

Love y'all!


Anonymous said...

What a special day for you! I thought of you earlier and wondered where you were! I am glad you are just busy! Have a wonderful week.

Susanne said...

A special week for you for sure! How cool!

The Preacher's Wife said...

Good to hear from you! You are blessed dear friend...Treasure those moments you can stop and realize how FULL your life is...God is good, all the time!

eph2810 said...

I know that you are talking about God's presence in our daily life. He is there, but sometimes we just get too busy to recognize Him...I usually have my talk with Him in the morning on my drive to work. The most peaceful time of my day :)

Thank you so much for stopping by today, even though you are busy you took the time to 'speak' some encouraging words. Means a lot to me, Cyndi...and I love you too!

Jenny in Ca said...

happy anniversaries!! such special things to remember too!

Kelly said...

What a special week of celebrating important days in your life!

Jen and family said...

Happy engagement-anniversary Cyndi

Happy 32 yrs of being a Christian

He is SO faithful! Isnt He awesome :)

jen at

JennaG said...

Congratulations on your two special anniversaries!

Linda said...

Here I thought you were not writing and my bloglines was just not telling me you had. Honestly!!
I love this post Cyndi. Happy celebration on both counts. What could be better than that?
God bless you as you work through all the "stuff" that needs to be taken care of.