Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Holy Ground

Good morning! Only a blogger would take a picture of breakfast. (Oh, wait, I take that back... maybe a desperate scrapbooker would... ;) Here are the wonderful Applesauce Oatmeal Muffins we had for breakfast this morning. Pull up a chair and share a muffin! I've got half-caff coffee, too.

Before the kids got up this morning I was reading in the book of Judges (where I am in my daily Bible reading.) This year I am using a wonderful resource to help with my understanding of the Old Testament, Edersheim's Bible History Old Testament. It has really helped me to connect events and get a better "grip" on the narrative of the Old Testament. Today after I finished my Bible reading on Gideon, I turned to see what Edersheim had to say. In the section discussing Gideon's asking for a second sign from the Lord ("a pledge of His presence" as Edersheim calls it) he says something that I think is absolutely profound:

"Those hours in the history of God's heroes, when, on the eve of a grand deed of the sublimest faith, the spirit wrestles with the flesh, are holy seasons, to which the superficial criticism of a glib profession, that has never borne the strain of utmost trial, cannot be applied without gross presumption. When in such hours the soul in its agony is seen to cast its burden upon the Lord, we feel that we stand on holy ground." (p. 362, emphasis added)

Have you found yourself in a wrestling match between spirit and flesh? Have you ever noticed how often those seasons come "on the eve of a grand deed of the sublimest faith?" Oh, how this spoke to me today. How my flesh would love to give way to fear, anxiety, insecurity, or selfishness... especially in the face of an opportunity to do something that would require immense faith.

So much has happened in our country, in our families, and in "blogland" in recent days. So many people are burdened. So many are standing on "holy ground," casting burdens before the cross onto our Lord in Whose strength alone we are able bear up. Are you on holy ground today? Take heart if you are. This is a "holy season." Jesus is near. He is drawing you near to Him. He longs to accomplish great things for His great name- and He must-for no other name is worthy, and there is no other name by which we may be saved.


Laurel Wreath said...

How my flesh would love to give way to fear, anxiety, insecurity, or selfishness... especially in the face of an opportunity to do something that would require immense faith.

Amen!! I relate this to the selling of my house. For me this is an example of Faith, one we are walking through and praying for along with our children. All in God's time, All in God's time

Thank you for the timely word.

Linda said...

Your posts always stretch me a bit Cyndi. You bless me so much. I know that feeling you write about. It is a bit like hanging on to the edge of the precipice and knowing that in order to find what your heart is looking for you have to let go. It's hard. But when you finally release your grip - miracle of miracles - He is there; ever faithful, being all He has promised to be.
I loved this post.

Chris said...

Once again Cyndi this post is excellent. The insight God has given you as you study His word and the ability you have to communicate it in writing is so rich and powerful. I feel as though I am gleaning from your personal study time and I am truly blessed because of it.

Terri @ In His Hands said...

I just today reminded a troubled friend of mine that Jesus is drawing her near.
Loved this post, Cyndi and the muffins look delicious!

Deidre said...

This post has touched my heart. I'll be back to read it again. Thank you!

Jen and family said...

Oooooooooooo can I come over for breakfast??? LOL

thanks for that link to the bible histroy old testament Im going to put this link somewhere safe and use it next year. Im currently using another reading resource blog

Jen at http://jenz.wordpress.com/

Susanne said...

Beautiful post today, Cyndi!

And those muffins look wonderful!

LeftCoastOnlooker said...

So often, I hear this as Gideon's lack of faith, but the speaker, just as often, neglects to note that Gideon went ahead & obeyed.
I'm more likely to have a lack of faith & then NOT obey.
He was a great man & I look forward to meeting him!

Jenny in Ca said...

amen, really helpful words Cyndi.

-thanks for the muffin recipe, I am collecting recipes right now..just what I needed.

JennaG said...

This was good for me today--and the muffins look delicious.

Wendy said...

Thanks for this, Cyndi.

Those muffins look great! I had to laugh about what you said, a blogger taking pictures of food, so true.

The Preacher's Wife said...


I'm catching up on my reading and this post is excellent. I SO have to get that book you quoted from...and thanks for the tip on the coinstar machines! i did not know you could get gift cards and skip the fee..what a great idea!

and so you know, my hubby is Luke too!