Friday, August 11, 2006

Yes, U2 can sharpen your leadership skills!

We are so blessed to be one of the satellite churches which hosts the annual Willow Creek Leadership Summit. This will be my third year to attend. In the past I've really gotten some great leadership strategies, felt encouraged in our ministry, have been blessed personally, and have heard some speakers I would not have had the opportunity to hear otherwise. I love our church for holding such events, and for encouraging leaders within the church to go. From the overview (linked above) on the Willow site, this year's event "offers you and every leader on your team a place to rededicate yourselves to God's life-changing work. You'll be challenged to invest your gifts and abilities in the single most important work on this planet—helping your local church reach its full, God-given redemptive potential." Doesn't that sound great?
Well, in the interest of honesty, I'm just going to share that one of the main reasons this 80's girl is going today is Session 6. Here's the video of that session:

Bill Hybels and Bono 1

Bill Hybels and Bono 2

Bill Hybels and Bono 3

I just may have found what I'm looking for in a leadership conference!

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