Wednesday, January 30, 2008

WFMW: Favorite Childhood Books

A few years ago a friend of mine gave me a precious gift. It was a copy of a Little Golden Book from the early 1970's entitled Buffy and the New Girl. (No it wasn't about a vam*pire slayer, it was based on the show Family Affair!) As I began to thumb through the pages of that book my eyes filled with tears as I was instantly transported back to my early childhood, remembering the hours I spend in my Nana's lap as she read me that book over. and over. and over. No, it wasn't a classic work of children's literature, but I loved it, especially the pictures. I remember one illustration that I would stare at as a tiny girl. I liked the way the girls smiled at each other. I liked Buffy's smile. I loved her friend's pretty, long red ponytail.

It had been hard for my friend to find that book, but I mentioned it in passing one day and she remembered it. Our copy of it was long gone (I'm not sure my grandmother even realized how much I loved it. But I guess it wasn't the book I loved, but what it represented... being loved and read to.) My sweet friend scoured E*bay for it and gave it to me for my birthday, more than 30 years after it had gone out of print, just to give me that memory! Today would've been Nana's 100th birthday. I'm not sure what my friend paid for that little book, but the memories it brings back are priceless to me, especially on days like today.

A few years ago I began looking on Amazon, Alibris, and other book sites that have random, used, out-of-print books and buying duplicates of some of my kids' favorite childhood books while they are still available cheaply. I've recently found Dinner with Fox, and Could I Keep Him?, two of the pop-up books they used to repeatedly request and which we wore out. There is a copy for each of them on the bookshelf now, for them to read and enjoy with their own children, or just for that walk down memory lane like I had that day.

Sometimes it's not the great works of literature that build memories, and you don't know how long some of their favorite childhood books might be in print... so pick up some copies while they're still cheap.

Works for me!

For more ideas, visit Shannon. Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Life In Progress said...

This is a really great idea. Some of my daughter's favorites are already looking pretty sad. I've been wondering how I'm going to keep them intact. Now I don't have to worry - I'll just choose a few favorites & buy another copy. Thanks!

Susanne said...

Those little Golden books bring back wonderful memories. I'll have to check this site out.

Chris @ Come to the Table said...

What a wonderful idea! I love old books, especially children's and have purchased a few for my own children.

Kelly said...

I will have to check into it. I loved "Family Affair!"

Tooz said...

I know exactly what you mean. My favorite Golden book was one about Santa's workshop, with the pink snow. The story wasn't any great guns, but that pink snow...And my kids loved the Nurse Nancy book that my mom read to them. It had been mine. Of course, it disappeared, but fortunately Vermont Country Store carried it, and I was able to buy copies for them. They were delighted. Great tip.