Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Questions, questions...

Good morning!

Things are pretty well humming around here this morning, so I decided to pour a fresh cup of coffee and update my blog. I know that what we had for dinner last week remains to be fascinating reading, worthy of being the top post for a week, but I guess I'll add something new.

I haven't taken much time for blogging in recent weeks, and that's a good thing sometimes. I've contemplated taking a "blogging break" for awhile, but what I prefer is to just blog when I can and if I can't, well, if you pop by and see that I haven't posted for awhile you'll just know I have given preference to "RL." (Real Life.) Not that my blog is not real. Not that you are not real. Because it is and you are.


I wish I were incredibly funny and creative. If I were, I would take a side-view picture of my husband and I, belly-to-belly, our shirts bulging with wads and wads of paper. Can you get that picture in your mind? There. Hopefully you've got it. Why? Because we are very much in the "paper pregnancy" stage of our adoption! Papers, papers. Questions, questions. Decisions, decisions. Discussions, discussions. (But it's worth it, worth it!!!)

A couple of weeks ago I took my son (11) to the doctor for his incessant cough. Neither of my kids is EVER sick, so we hadn't been to the doctor in years. It's been ages since he's seen the inside of a doctor's office. He was sitting on the end of the exam table waiting for the doctor and was observing every single instrument that was in the room. At one point he reached up beside him and touched the blood pressure cuff that was on the wall and that started a new round of questions:

K: Why do they have this here when they use the electronic one that they roll in on the cart? The one they had just used on me? Do they still use this kind?

Me: I don't know.

K: Why does this part of the table slide out?

Me: Because some people are taller.

K: What are these?

Me: They're called "stirrups."

K: What are they for?

Me: Um... well....

K: And what is this light that comes out of side of the table for? :::::pulls the light around, taps it like a mic, lowers voice :::: Is this thing on?

Me: Okay, please don't put your mouth near it, son.

K: What do they use it for? Why would they need a light here?

Me: Well, it's for if they need light, well, you know... If they need to shine light...

K: ... where the "sun don't shine?"

Me: Yep. That's it. Where the sun don't shine!

Aaahhh. The questions. Just like the paper pregnancy! We've been answering question upon question, shining light "where the sun don't shine" in our backgrounds, finances, private lives, thoughts, childhood, our family life growing up, all of it. That experience with my son pretty much sums it up!

We are all completing our physicals this week and then it's on to the home study. More light!

Speaking of which, the sun is shining brightly through the windows now and it's time to get started on our school day. Thanks for stopping by to check on us!


Kelly said...

I know the importance of focusing on "RL," so I am glad for you to pop in when you can!

Linda said...

You are both creative and funny (among other wonderful things) and I am happy to visit whenever you have time. I am finding RL taking up much of my time these days too. Nothing earth-shaking or necessrily important to anyone else, but it's just life and it takes up lots of time.
Praying the paper-work pregnancy is a short-lived one and you can soon have that new little addition to the family. When we were going through the adoption proces, we went through our local social services. Our assigned social worker was the pianist in our church!! Needless to say it was a wonderful experience. I'm praying all goes well for you. I just know it will. Such excitement!!

The Lloyd Family said...

Glad to see a post from you. I was going through withdrawls. =)

Thanks for the heads up about Africam. I checked it out. How fun!!!

We are still praying for your precious daughter to be. When we colored the individual countries on our Africa map, we chose pink for Ethiopia with her in mind.

Hope you don't have too much "paper morning sickness".

Have a great week!!

Jessie's parents said...

I love the conversation between you and K!! I needed that laugh this morning after a long night with a cranky 2 yr. old. Praying for you guys as you endure all the ups and downs of paper pregnancy!

Susanne said...

Your son is a riot! Too funny.

You know you have to live your life in order to blog about it. Pop in when you can and we'll be looking for you.

Deidre said...

That conversation made me laugh out loud :)

I know what you mean about not blogging and enjoying RL - I've been doing just that.

Terri @ in His hands said...

Dying laughing about your conversation!!

I'm so happy that I have a chance to catch up on you and I am BESIDE myself with glee that you are adopting!! Wow. Yay! So happy!

I'm really, REALLY struggling with the whole blog thing. I don't know what to do---not sure if I'll keep it so anyway, I totally understand the lack of updates from others because it's something that I'm dealing with as well.

Praying that the home study and paperwork go smoothly for you!

Jenny in Ca said...

that's a sweet, random post, kind of fun...praying for the adoption and all.